Anybody lived in Albania before?

what job you are looking there,.Albania is most isolated country in the world,what job you are looking,
Albanian are in whole Europe,running from poor,and poor lives,there,.
Albania,is last country in the world where you can get and look for job,you will more be happy in Zimbabwe,or north Korea than in Albania travel so far and visit over 107 countries,and live in about over 10 countries,for a year,two,or more,visit whole Europe except Albania,.i will more easy take adventure crossing Rio grande river from mexico side,than visit Albania,,.

Very bad view. Such bad is not, be sure of this.

I am an American, and was living in Albania for eight months as part of a volunteer experience (that ended in July of this year). It is a beautiful country with beautiful people.  I want to return very much, but I don't know how. My Albanian guy friend who is interested in me wanted to come to America to be with me, but it is too difficult for him to get an American visa. If I were to return to Albania, can I get employment there? I speak very poor Albanian, despite having lived there for 8 months, because I was in a village near Durres.

you can sponsor him,easy-and take him to usa,Albanian people like usa

Thank you for your feedbacks about my country. Feel sorry for you for visiting 170 countries, staying on 10 of these more than 2 years each and still did not made your mind where to live. Something is terribly wrong with you and I can not help you unfortunately.  I am glad you did not like my country because weird people like you are not a positive energy to my lovely Albania which is trying to grow and lead the Balkan area.  Based on your story of visiting 107 countries and living more then 2 years each on 10 of them,you must be a very lonely old dog now. Problem with old dogs is: you can not teach new tricks to an old dog :)


Being an American will help you to find job in Tirana for sure. They are some companies who would love to employe people who speak fluent English. 
However find out of your friend is desperate to live in USA or be with you in Albania.
If he is desperate to go to USA then you should understand that he sees you as a bridge to pass to his dream USA.
Then you either should marry him if you feel for him or never come back to Albania.
In Albania there is not such things as being a friend with the opposite sex. We are not yet as open minded as you.
You are either a girlfriend or you are not. Being American is big bonus for him. He would love to have you in his side.
So ask your heart. If he is really nice guy than marry him. Albanian man usually are faithful husbands. If you are fat and ugly then he will leave you after he gets his green card or USA citizenship.  If you are beautiful then feel no more. He will never leave you.

read about your country,i don't go to the country where human life is in danger,did you read book YELLOW HOUSE about taking from human people parts and selling around the world,.and i don't recommend to anyone to visit your you call country,where human life is in danger,all the time,.people in your country still living couple years ago in cage,in Europe everyone know where is Albania,.yes i can be more easy cross the river grande from mexico side than go as-tourist to visit you call country,.what your country can offer to tourist,what to se old bunkers around,.and what more,
maybe country change but how the foreigner press write i don't think,that has value to visit your country,.i am scare,believe,even i am maybe youngest/and have more to afford to travel and stay where ever i want,about you and your country,again,i don't se in the future to have plan to visit,my partner and me we are on the border your country from Macedonia side/lake Ohrid,and again i am scare to visit,.my partner get upset,.but when we met some Americans tourist they told as,scary country,they went there,by car morning and back out after couple hours only,bean there,.ok,keep your lovely country for your self,.make you more happy,i am living in dream country,working/enjoying traveling,and soon again going to Balkan state beautiful country like Macedonia,Montenegro the pearl of Adriatic coast,thinking to bay apartment in Thessaloniki-Greece,the my one of favorite country,with history beauty,and amazing friendly people,i have my last holiday in Rodos islands,visit Greece for about 14 times,about every years for 6 weeks,..

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thanks for reply,no i am not Serbian i just read a lots,.i am born in Australia,.but live mostly overseas because of my job,.and again i read/and inquire a lots before i visit any country,.i don't accept people talk,about any my decision,.
when you travel you met lots people around,and you seat with people,and people talk,i don't believe all about what people say about Albania,i need to go and visit,and after i will say,.i so nice beaches in Albania,and beauty,to,.did you hear news from uefa,they going to investigate game Albania-Armenia/soccer/because they game is fix with money,and Albania can be get out from Europe competition,because of fixing game/pay money under/the other things average salary in Albania at the moment around 200-240 euros months,.its not big money,.how people survive,.at this day,.i don't want to make you sad,with my opinion,again i just read what Deutsche welle German news papers write,and hear from others,and etc,.next year i am going for Europe for Holiday i will try to visit Albania,.i ask many times from tourist office Albanian DVD/and some brochure,to look,but i did not get even reply and sometimes think did people in travel agency understood English,or just ignore my letter,.all the best,.

Albanians are very proud people and don't take criticism well at all. Its true their country is corrupt, every Albanian knows this. It makes their life difficult too. And they don't like this.
My husband is stuck there whilst we try to sort out a visa for hi to return to the UK to be with me.
he hates it. he has no money there and very few opportunities to make any.
He was in the UK for 4 years illegally and when we met he spoke very little English.
His English now is fairly good but since being back there his mentality has changed.
He had a very liberal, open attitude in the UK but he seems much more narrow minded now. Maybe the stress and depression makes him like this, I don't know.
I do know one thing though, should he not be successful in getting a visa he will return to the UK again illegally as he just cannot stay in Albania.
Its such a shame because it really is a beautiful country and with the right government and political leaders in place I believe they can turn it around.
Its still so backward, in terms of buildings, infrastructure, roads, attitudes, mentality, everything!.

I can't understand that's why British people always complain? ?? Big question

Thanks Blusky,
I am not fat and ugly, thankfully. Your reply was most useful. I have asked him this question about whether he just wants to come to America and he denies it. He says he doesn't care about American citizenship. At one point he said we should just be "friends," because he has work now in Albania and doesn't wish to leave. But since then we still talk almost every other day. So I don't believe he only wants to be friends. I think he is afraid to leave his country, which I would understand, because it means leaving his family, his people, his culture. My only question then- is- if I don't marry him, why can I never return to Albania, would it not be safe for me there? Thanks.

Dear DMS53,
The worst experience I had in Albania was a street kids trying to steal my 30 leks worth of ice cream (akullore). Since I was worried it was a distraction to get my bag... I crossed in the middle of the street and eventually chased him off. So yes there were bad things, but that doesn't make the whole country bad. Anyway what I'm saying is that I lived in a poor village, and the people were some of the most genuine, authentic, kind-hearted people I ever met. Also, YES, the government is extremely corrupt. But you should have no reason to fear visiting Albania, if you have street smarts. As a single female, I didn't wander the village after dark. And I never had a problem. However, if you honestly don't like Albania you have no reason to go. Thanks.


I have few doubts if you are really an American since your nickname is Unezemershqiptari :)
Answering your question: if you do not marry him, you still can go anytime you wish in Albania and no harm will come to you. You are safe in Albania if you are a bride and you are very safe if you are our guest.
Albanians have a legendary fame for their hospitality towards the guests and foreigners.
So - I wish you good luck to your Albanian  adventure.

My advise: If you both share the same feelings towards each other then you should think to be more serious. Albanian turn out to be good husbands in long term.They are protective of their wife and children.They may comes across bit rude and harsh but you should appreciate their soft side which will compensate for other mistakes.I am not trying to help his case here as that is not me.
Tip: If the guy likes drinking or going out to discos then he is just for you. If he is attached too much to his family then this is good thing because it shows he is a family man and family matters most for him. I  am a family man myself and family matter most for me. This is only a good thing for sure.If you married him then you should be prepare to live with your in lows in the same house. This is part of our tradition. If you accept it and treat them nice you will be a queen in his family and will be treated as such. If you do not like the idea of living with the in-lows then do not  take the decision to marries him because the marriage will fall apart in months to come due to conflicts between you and him of not accepting his family...
That's all for today

E Dashur Blusky,

Jam amerikanë, per nuk eshtë problem per mua nëqoftëse ti nuk beson mua. Unë vetem kam dashur shumë e madhë per Shqiperi! Unë po mendoj ai nuk eshtë shume i serioz me mua.

This is unfortunate, because I am serious about him, and I think he would be a good husband.Thanks for your feedback, I still plan to return to Albania one day. It is always my second home.


Great youAmericanHeart,
You speak Albanian better then some Albanians I have come across during my life.
Therefore I am sure your stay has been quite long and unique in Albania since your language skills are to be envy.
I feel sorry for you, for him not  sharing the same mutual feeling on this relationship. I hope  it will work out at the end for both of you.
You are welcome anytime in Albania.
Give me a shout whenever you come over.
If I will be around it will be pleasure to have you as my guest.
I usually go to  Albania during summer end or year end.


i will visit Albania next year during my holiday,2016.2016. Jully,.


I am happy you are planning to visit my country next year.What a honor will this be to  the Albanian people.What a great help will also be to the Albanian economy. We will make sure to roll out the red carpet on your arrive.
You deserve it. Born in Australia, poorly educated but much traveled for sure it will be great to have you as a tourist.
By the time you come for sure Fifa will have sorted out the corruption which have gripped them lately regarding Platini and Blatter plus the Armenian vs Albania euro qualifiers.For sure was a fixed matched because Albania won and we qualified. When small countries win such competitions even based in merits ,many doubt their achievement and rush to judge them in different dirty ways. However the Eagle keep flying towards the mountain. The wind can not stop it.
Some tips to welcome you at the land of the eagle.
If you are coming by land: We have a massive river Prespa on the north. Similar to Mexican river you mentioned before but I am sure you can pass this alive.
If you are coming by plane : Be sure to take a parachute. Planes are not  very safe in Albania.Most of times Albanians land by using parachutes.
Free things: If you smile a lot in Albania you will get free drinks. Albanians love friendly people.So smile and get freebies.
Transport: You can rent a car here but make sure you have money with you.
Hotels : Since you have been traveling since you born I am presuming you love affordable hotel rates. We have a lot of affordable Motels at the outskirt of Tirana. Do not rent inside Tirana because you will not be able to afford it.
Red light district : They are not red light district in Albania. It is illegal so you have to use your hand during your stay in albania. If you 100% australian ( which i doubt it)  then you can use both hands.

Facts you did not know about Albania:
Mother Theresa is Albanian ( christian)
Mohamed Ali ( the ruler of Egypt ) was Albanian (Muslim)
Sheikh Albani ( The most famous Islamic scholar or 21 century ) was Albanian (Muslim )
During world war 2 Albania was the only country who saved and protected Jews from the Germans.
Albania was the first country in the world to get fully electric energy coverage on the whole country. Now we are the first one to  destroy such achievement in such a short time post communist era.
We,Albanians, give shelter,food and took care of half million refugees during the Balkan war. Australia have 0 tolerance towards refugess.They either return them or kill them at the sea. Just few days ago your government started to pay traffic ants to send the sirian refugees as far as possible from the Aussie shores. Doing such things many people have already died in the open sea.
Last one will make you proud :
We love Crocodile Dandy movie in Albania .
One of the reason is of the blonde lady actor which is so hot and beautiful.

have a nice trip to Albania and hope you will enjoy.
If not - then you can come back here and start from the begging your wonderful comments.

UneZemerShqiperi :

E Dashur Blusky,

Jam amerikanë, per nuk eshtë problem per mua nëqoftëse ti nuk beson mua. Unë vetem kam dashur shumë e madhë per Shqiperi! Unë po mendoj ai nuk eshtë shume i serioz me mua.

This is unfortunate, because I am serious about him, and I think he would be a good husband.Thanks for your feedback, I still plan to return to Albania one day. It is always my second home.


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Your posts are really making me laugh, adding humour to my grey miserable day!!

you want to send you book is sign by author of the book
and i recommend you short movie on YOU TUBE /to watch/

this movie will give you your history,your hospitality,your country,your people

this movie is shoving now around the world

The greatest thing about the UK is its multicultural society.  Mixing with many people from different cultures enriches everyone and educates at the same time.

Hi,are you now in albania?i got an albanian fiancè also and im also thinking of moving in with him in albania.i hope we can get in touched.he got a house in tirana and his parents lives in fier

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You have formed a very strong opinion about a country you havenot and never will visit.
To be honest...I feel the exact  same way about Australia,which I haven't and never will visit.
Sort of funny in away,huh?

Can some one give an idea How much monthly to rent 1 bedroom flat in albania ?


bean there couple of times when i visit macedonia,bulgaria,kosova,.

Cheap... like really cheap.... $250 (us) will get you a very nice place in saranda near the beach... try to get a local to help you though or you'll wind up getting ripped off... my wife happens to be from Albania originally and while my short stay (9 months) she handled almost all transactions... as an American male I would get charged much more for the same product that she would.... it wound up working nicely to go into a shop by myself, pick out what I wanted to buy, then have the wife walk in and actually make the transaction... also the money there is screwed up.... 2 million lek is only about 2 thousand US dollars

You are right. it is a very beautiful country with amazingly lovely, resourceful people and a lot of potential.

I lived there for a year and taught at a newly opening school. That was some time ago. Albania is improving all the time.  You have done well to learn some  Albanian language.

It maybe difficult to get a job or a work visa but not impossible if you persevere. You have a good reason for applying!

If you lived in a city there I think you would easily find students needing a native English speaker to teach them English. Teaching  small groups can be economical for students/ children. There are on-line courses to qualify and the British Council has courses and advice in Tirana.

Best of luck


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