Ping Pong / Table Tennis

Hi iam,

  I m just arrived in Vietnam (HCM). I m interesting for playing table tennis. Can you tell me where I can practice this sport.

Thanks you.

I am not very good, but love to play, and would also like to play some table tennis- I am in district 3.. :)

Hi, even if that post is quite old, I don't wanna make a topic just for it, and it seems like ppl here might be able to help me.

I'm looking for a tennis table blade, problem is, they don't have what I want (All+/Off- blade).
I went to few shops (Ho Thung Mau, Phan Dang Luu and Vu Huy Tan) and contact some in Hanoi too, they don't have. Only OFF blade. It seems to be Vn style to play with an Off blade and rubber in 2,3.
Because of that (mostly all rubbers are only available in 2,3), I really need an Allround blade (or Off- with a good control).to compensate that max foam they're using, otherwise setup will be too fast and no point playing cause I'll do too much mistakes.

Does anyone know another shop where I can find All+/Off- blades (Stiga and Butterfly)? Or is there anyone selling some maybe?



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