Looking for nursery nurses in Malta

Hi everybody
I have a nursery and coffee shop (in the same premises)and im looking to expand in to Malta is there anyone on this forum living or going to live in Malta with any experience willing to work, just to say Im not ready to open till about christmas 13.


Hello Cliff.

The job in Malta section is at your disposal. You may post the job offer there.


Karen :)

Hi Cliff,

I'm a nanny from the UK and would be interested.
Please feel free to pm me :)


Hello! I am a nursery nurse from London but I want to move to Malta and get job as a nursery nurse, nanny or waitress.

I am really intereses with yout offer.

thank you so much!  ;)

Hi can you send me your email so i can contact you ? Laura

Sorry nothing at this time PM me your email for future employment.

Hi Cliff
just returned from a few days away in Malta and have fallen in love with the Island.
I am a Qualified and very experienced Senior Nursery Officer and am very interested in finding out about Nursery Nurse positions available with yourself or in Malta.


Hi Michelle,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Nurse job offers in Malta section this might surely help in your job search. ;)




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