I'm searching for used English books ( Novels, History Books) in HCMC

Do you - sweet people out there - have any idea where they sell used books in Ho Chi Minh city? Any interesting bookstores in HCMC? Which street?In my mind, there was some stores, but maybe you know the special stores from people who love books passionately would run a shop like "Shakespear and Company - Paris" (I only know that bookshop, sorry :-D)

I'm in need to change the color of my bookshelf so placing some other books is good (according to my brain) :-D

Any suggestion are helpful :)
Thanks in advance.



I don't know about HCM city, and I discovered a great little used English book store in Hanoi called the Bookworm. 

I go there almost every time I'm in Hanoi.


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