accomodation in Tabuk

Hi fellows expats,
Is anybody living in Tabuk ?...need some directions for acccomodation ,cause I'll be there in 10 days now and the accomodation offered by the hospital is awful
and I can' bring my wife and kids there, unless I find some proper accommodation elsewhere in town .Please , HELP!

Hi bobbyaz66,

I suggest you post an advert in the Housing in Saudi Arabia section please as it might be helpful :)

Thank you


Apparently Tabuk is a no man land ,where there is no real estate movement ,no flat rentals, only a closed tgv compound where entrance is forbidden. What is for rent is far below standard and the rent is augmented I heard

Usually, you have to be 'on the ground' to get anything done here, anyway.  So accept the hospital housing--temporarily--while you search out something more acceptable.

And btw, I have a friend who worked at a hospital in Tabuk and she loved it!  If you get a car, you'll be quite close to Jordan (a wonderful country) and able to visit frequently.

So cheer up! :)

Thanks a lot Alliecat...I thought nobody will ever answer me. By the way ,in what hospital is working your friend, because mine is King Khalid Civilian Hosp.? Does she speaks arabic? Is she a nurse or a doctor? I imagine that she is with her husband?! Ask her if I could contact her in order to give me more informations,please! I have alot of questions for her.
best regards,

bobbyaz66 :

Thanks a lot Alliecat...I thought nobody will ever answer me. By the way ,in what hospital is working your friend, because mine is King Khalid Civilian Hosp.? Does she speaks arabic? Is she a nurse or a doctor? I imagine that she is with her husband?! Ask her if I could contact her in order to give me more informations,please! I have alot of questions for her.
best regards,

Key word was 'worked'.. past tense.  Sorry!

well, my fellas expats,I reached Tabuk 3 days ago and now I could answer to my own questions...if any one interested , I could provide valuable informatios

hi bob :cheers: ,

i hope u are still on this forum. i think you are the next best person i want to know right now. since you've tread this path, i can learn from your bumps :huh: . i'm a medical doctor being posted to tabuk. i don't know what hospital yet. i'm set to come around April 2014. and i'm coming with my family (wife and a 4 year old). I've been so concerned about accommodation and its sad to hear from that the hospital accommodation is awful :sosad: . please i need all the useful advice i could get from you :gloria .

thanks :top:

Hi there.
I have so many questions about Tabuk, and there are no useful information available,  we are currently living in England and my husband got an offer in Tabuk university,  however we have no information about the city which could help us to take a decision whether to go there or not. could you please tell me about the accommodation in tabuk? is there any compound there? how can u get information/ pictures, name of places,etc? how much does the rent cost?
regarding kids's school, is there any international  primary school?. is there any extra curricular activities for kids? how easy is to find a decent accommodation? how are the supermarkets? do they usually have variety of products?
and what about shopping centre? please help!!!!
Many thanks

first who are you people?
British or arabs living in UK? for to know what to advise you and how to present the situation.
Tabuk is a [Moderated: no vulgar word here pls] ,but if you came to save some money ,this is the place . School for kids there are some ,but crowded and you have to stay on the line and to pass exams even for preschool! details later...compounds there are I can help you .Shops and malls all over the town some with good merchandise. Restaurants plenty ,even mc donalds and Kfc wich I don't recommend. [Moderated: no generalised statements pls]

Hello, I'm working here in Tabuk for 4 years now,  most of my co-workers they rent a Flat which cost is around 700-1000 SR. The higher price the better which include 2-3 Bedrooms. Most of them are Filipinos & Jordanian.

Hi bro
U in Taabuk now?
I am posted in Prince fahad bin sultan hospital as resident doc
Plz can u tell me about accommodation facility in Tabuk?

Prince Fahad bin sultan is a private facility. maybe the wage is better ,but lot of work to do...Accomodation included or not? You can find accomodation anywhere in Tabuk, it depends on your espectations ,standarts, wether you"re with family or not,if intent to rent or buy a car or not ...many variables.Yu can find from 500 rials a month in shared appart to 8000 a month in a compound...i dont know what accomodation has PFS Hosp?!
     Best Luck

Thanks for ur kind reply
Well i will be moving with family my wife and 8 months old kid
I will prefer to rent a flat either studio apartment or 2 bed rooms
What is the average rent in saudi arabia, as my company will give me 12000 SAR once for the accommodation purpose

i hope yu can find something appropriate...I told yu it is all upon your finanacial power, and your luck. If the hospital is far you need car (yu need car anyway in this city-walking on the streets is life threatening!), so 12000 is nice but maybe 20.000 would be better,and usually all app are unfurnished,so it is better to have at least  15000-20000 with yu , your salary could come after 3 months...a lot of people will help yu with money cause everybody passed through this...

Hmmm thanks
Well its my plan to purchase car but for that i will need ksa liscence
Ya its also headach to furnish a flat as will have to purchasr everything new...

Jo apni maa ko stata hai, ALLAH ALMIGHTY os ka madad kabhi nahi karta.

I'm going to Tabuk (from Riyadh) in about an hour by plane. I believe I'll be put on the TGV Compound. Does anyone have any information on this compound? Or the teaching conditions at Tabuk University?

In any respect, I'll do my best to post information about my own experiences there within the next month.

Hi Stephen;
We are looking for accomodations in TGV.
If you get a chance, could you recommend an Agent there for Villas and apartments?
thanks Trader Bill 971-50-103-6895


The villa I'm at is Al Khareem, not TGV. I enjoy the place I'm staying (so far so good, at least).

When will you be arriving in Tabuk? Perhaps I could ask our compound manager if you'd be eligible to lodging. Are you coming for TESOL? Or through Al Kaleej?

Hi Stephen;

We will be working on a USG project at the Air base and need some lodging.
- 2 villas with 3 BR if possible for one to two yeares.
- 3-4 apratments of one to two bedrooms.

We need internet capability.
Please request your compound manager to contact me with an e-mail so we can send them all our information.
Or you can send me an e-mail POC.  (I US citizen from Austin TX, in Dubai.)
Wschwartz[at]   +917-50-103-6895

thanks for any assist.

Hey Bob, great dialog you started here. I just got to Tabuk a month ago. I'm an Arab American lived and raised down in Miami. I speak Arabic and would like to extend a hand to any expat who may need help in Tabuk. By the way, I am expert in cross-cultural differences and have several publications related to expatriates in the Middle East.

Good luck to all.

I am new here in tabuk... Is there room for rent here for filipinos? I prefer near thr city, i hope its a little bit cheap... Please share your advice... Tnx

Thnx for this valuable post. I wish the answers contained more information.
I am relocating to tabuk within few weeks. Family with 2 kids 2 years and 1 month. Searching for good accommodation 2 or 3 bd, good nursery, the house is preferable to be beside the nursery and malls area. What about the compounds its the  first time to hear about it in tabuk. What are the prices and locations?

Hello everyone,

@ walidhabashy, welcome on board  :)

I suggest you contact the professionals listed in the Real estate in Saudi Arabia section of the business directory, they will be more likely to guide you in finding accommodation.

All the best,

I am a doctor and I have a contract to work at King Fahed Specialist hospital in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. The hospital offered me accommodation, but do not know anything about the city or the hospital. Someone know these hospital? I would like some tips about life in Tabuk and about housing.
I'm from Venezuela and initially will be traveling alone.
Thank you

Dear - this is a bit choking - I just thought to send my CV to a recruitment firm in the UK regarding work and they mentioned Tabuk. And sure the housing needs to be perfect - I have been in Dubai for 4 years and might be spoilt although in the flight path, however the life in KSA is different and housing therefore more important. If you like, please tell me how it works for you/expats at the hospital - found some shocking details - although from 2014 on the situation at admission at the childrens dep. - I had an experience of lack of competens in the leadership of a peripheral hospital here already, so reluctant to collect more stress and nerves.
I wish you the best and let me know it you are still in Tabuk - given the housing situation you were discribing. Wont be much on this webpage - so best to mail directly to Astridschulze[at]  BR Astrid

Tell me how you are thriving in Tabuk. Are you at one of the hospitals or at the Univeristy ? mail if you want directly to Astridschulze[at] Was offered a job, dont now more, find the info here not really encouraging so far. Astrid

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