I've seen a old post about the volleyball team so I decided to post a new one.   

        We have Dawha Center along Shababiyah building and an open field for those who wanted to play Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer(Football) or even Badminton. Its for free no time limit, from morning till evening, everyday. I have some calls already about playing Voleyball so if you guys are willing to play just post and I will get back to you, have a great day. :)

yes dude count me from ruwais. thanks

wow, been looking for a real volleyball players and place to play with let's built our own team, tired playing in console, I'll send you my number bro.....chow!!

thanks guys, i will send you PM to schedule the group. :)

Thanks Jasfurjq for the PM, i will invite some of my co-workers to built a group and some locals too.

Count me in Jasfur :D

Jeddah Scout :

Count me in Jasfur :D

definitely Jeddah Scout, you will be the spiker and I will be the referee :D , next weekend. Just remember the place and if you have buddies to play with bring them too......:D

sure keep us updated, and btw the desert safari was cancelled

Jeddah Scout :

sure keep us updated, and btw the desert safari was cancelled

yeah, that's why my friends decided to go out for bowling and billiards because of this cancellation I even withdraw my money. I hate it when they doing that, if they said it much earlier I plan playing volleyball instead....:(

Hi everybody,

I'm Kamel and I would like to join you to play volley ball .Please let me know when and where !


You are all invited this coming weekend, so do the warm up and some stretching......thanks :)

Jasfur, When u people decide, tell us before 2 days at least :P

confirmed this coming weekends at the shabbabiya old airport if you know the yellow mosque that will be our landmark guys.....see you.

ok guys tonight at shababiya old airport near yellow masjid give me a call for your assurance at 7pm, see you their.:)if you have ball please do bring it.....:)


I will be available for today.  I need a contract number i am not very familiar with the location

See you

check my PM bro......goodluck tonight:)

Bro, if u knw any women's volleyball team in Jeddah rookie , amateur or prof please count me in.  Please........ Plzzzzzz

my friend can I ask if what is your cellphone number, we have a team and we need a practice, Can we play in that court.

thank you


I can play basketball and volleyball..even billiard. I want to join with this kabayan..

count me plzz , but how to contact u ?????

do you have cellphone number?

Hello guys !!! Been looking for indoor volleyball game ,pwede pa ba ako Sumali if ever may available .. Hope to hear some reply. My place is in al rawdah

Hello Jessa28RM,

Welcome to Expat-Blog..:)

Kindly note that this thread has not been active since September 2014.

You can try to post an advert in the classifieds section- Hobbies, Interests in Jeddah so that members who have the same hobbies as you can contact you more easily.

Thank you

Jessa28RM :

Hello guys !!! Been looking for indoor volleyball game ,pwede pa ba ako Sumali if ever may available .. Hope to hear some reply. My place is in al rawdah

hi madame.. meron akong group page na mga taga jeddah.. try nio po mgjoin.. bka my gusto mgplay ng voleyball
e2 po ang group page name "pusong pinoy buhay jeddah"

'Tnx sir!!

lesterpalaje > could you please post in English ?

Many thanks,


Jessa28RM :

'Tnx sir!!

Count me in po kng may makikita kng mga volleyball enthusiasts jan. B4 i used to play twice sa GNP hosp kso na stop dn kc pinagbawal na dn sa compound nila. Buo nlng tau ng team of players kaya bt still we need more at saka saang lugar pwede.

Hi[at]mama_ruth ... Cge po buo nlng tau ng new set of  players ... Bago lng ako dto la pa ako idea Kung sana pwede eh..Eto po contact number ko [ Moderated: Do not share any contact number on the forum ]

Hello mama_ruth and Jessa28RM,

I would like to remind you that this is an anglophone forum, can you please interact in English please.

Thank you

Ok sir!

Hello JasfurJQ.. How to contact you sir regarding the practice time..?!im available every other Saturday.. Hope to hear from you...


Hello Jessa28RM,

The initiatior JasfurJQ, has not been in this discussion since 2013.

You might not have any reverts. :|

I suggest you create a new thread in the Jeddah forum to relaunch this sports meeting.

Thank you and GoodLuck!
Marjorie :cheers:

hi guys... i too got an employment offer in jeddah... can i join in volleyball team... once i reached jeddah?????

Hi guys
I created new thread in Jeddah forum about this matter...kindly follow me there or post your reply in that thread... " Let's be FIT" jeddah Expat V-ball team

Happy Easter Sunday to all

Hi Jessa28RM,

could you post the link here? I'm very much interested in joining the indoor volleyball team :D

i wanna go there too

hello this still open?

can i have your number?

hi i like playing volleyball.:) but may i know the nationalities that are in the team now? i like to play mostly with girls coz im a girl.:)

I'm volleyball player plz contact **

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