Freediving (APNEA) Riyadh

I am a freediving enthusiast in Riyadh. I am planning to make a group of people who are interested in freediving. We can practice and plan trips in Uqair, Khobar, in Red Sea as well etc.

Freediver23 :

I am a freediving enthusiast in Riyadh.

I am as well a freediving enthusiast based in Riyadh and it's a good thing to have a dive buddy... I have not yet acquired any license but currently doing daily apnea workout at FitnessTime as they have a large pool. Count me in bro whatever is you plan for the group :)

Well, Great to find free divers in land locked Riyadh. I am new to free diving. But, count me in.

Azfarqureshi[at] :top:

Hi there how r u? Im a dive instructor if u want join us on our dive trip every month... call me on 0551665528 Millicent

Hi,  are you taking monthly diving trips and if so do you have room for a freediver?  Does anyone else freedive ir hunt fish?

Hi there, sent me a email about the  diving....    prodiver11[at]  thanks

how much would be the costs?

For the diving course??

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Greetings everyone, i am currently in Riyadh as well and looking for making group to practice freediving from time to time by making trips to Jeddah,.. anyone interested please contact me ***

Travel will be by our own cars, we can share one car for each trip so we can go many times.

If you interested contact me anytime ;)

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