Looking for public school (elementary) for my children

Hi everyone,

I am Edi from Indonesia, will be moving to Belgrade next October this year to work at the Indonesian Embassy from 2013-2016 (3 years duration).

We have 2 children ( 9 and 7 year old. I and my wife are considering to look for a suitable primary/public school in Belgrade.

Some friend told me that international schools are quite expensive with tuition fees are around 11,000 Euro per year for 1 kid. My budget is not adequate to fund both of my children if I enroll them to the international ones.

Does anyone have a suggestion or advice for me what to do?

Can I apply for my children to join public school (elementary/primary ones) in Belgrade?

What kind of requirements (documents, entry test, examination,procedures, etc) that I have to provide, if my children are eligible to go to public school in Belgrade?

To be honest, I and my family are eager to study Serbian Language (Srpski) recently.

I am looking forward to hearing any information from you all, Guys.

Warmest regards,


Hi Edi,

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Thank you

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Hi Edi,

Did you find any schools for your kids ? i am moving to Belgrade with 2 kids, looking for english medium primary schools, please guide and suggest.

I can not afford international schools.


Hey all,

If this can help,

I know that you will need to bring curriculum of the schools your kids were enrolled in.
For other paperworks I'm not sure.
In Belgrade you will have to check which elementary school does your neighborhood belongs.
So in example naighbkrhood Banovo Brdo was devjded in 2 parts one was going to "Josif  Pancic" and onother to " Filip Kljajic"
Personally when I was in elementary school we had at least 6 foreign kids.
Indian kids Renu Sherma and Ajsha unvelivabely quick learned Serbian and joined in community also one Polish girl but she did not learned language quick enough and she flanked a year.


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