Looking for public school (elementary) for my children

Hi everyone,

I am Edi from Indonesia, will be moving to Belgrade next October this year to work at the Indonesian Embassy from 2013-2016 (3 years duration).

We have 2 children ( 9 and 7 year old. I and my wife are considering to look for a suitable primary/public school in Belgrade.

Some friend told me that international schools are quite expensive with tuition fees are around 11,000 Euro per year for 1 kid. My budget is not adequate to fund both of my children if I enroll them to the international ones.

Does anyone have a suggestion or advice for me what to do?

Can I apply for my children to join public school (elementary/primary ones) in Belgrade?

What kind of requirements (documents, entry test, examination,procedures, etc) that I have to provide, if my children are eligible to go to public school in Belgrade?

To be honest, I and my family are eager to study Serbian Language (Srpski) recently.

I am looking forward to hearing any information from you all, Guys.

Warmest regards,


Hi Edi,

Welcome to Expat-Blog ;)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

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Hi Edi,

Did you find any schools for your kids ? i am moving to Belgrade with 2 kids, looking for english medium primary schools, please guide and suggest.

I can not afford international schools.


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