Muslim Halal Food in Luanda

Hello to all,

I am new to this forum and I am considering the job offer in Luanda. I have similar questions as typical person could think off before moving to new place. I will go through old post before I post any question may have already replied...

Quick question I have now is;

1: Are there any worship places in launda for muslims          (mosques/masjid)?

2: Regarding food, are there stores who sell meat/chicken  from where muslims could buy?


Hi Ahmed,

You will find mosques & Halal food here in Luanda.
There are nice Lebanese resturants who sell Halal food.
In addition, you can always go for a self-Halal meat.
Frozen Halal chicken is readily available. The shops outside the mosques also sell halal chicken, but i found them more expensive than the frozen one.


Thanks for the information you provided.


Hi Farid,

I was looking for Halal food  in Lunanda to. Thanks for the information. It would be great if you could provide us with the location of the halal restaurants, shops selling frozen chicken, and mosquees. Also, from where is this halal food coming and what's the name of the company providing it.

Hi Saadullah,

Al-dar & Al-Amir are two lebanese resturants.
From Bell France you can buy fresh meat & chicken as they slaughter (Zibah) in their location.

Frozen Halal chicken is available in al-most every grocery store. Dajaj-e-Mohammad is the brand i mostly use for frozen chicken. All hilal things have Hilal stamp on it.

where are you staying in Luanda? are you from Pakistan? You can call me at 924779486.



Jst arrived here yesterday and was plesantly surprised when I found Halal Chicken Luncheon meat in a small store, now this was a small store, the better markets should definitely have a bigger range of such products & more.

This information is really helpful, as i am Angolan but am a new convert, i had no idea they had mosques or places that actually sell halal food in Luanda.
it would be great if you gave directions for the mosque too.
i am going there for holidays, so i was looking up this kind of information.

Thanks ahead
(converted in the US)[/color]

Mashallah and may Allah Almighty give you the best of both worlds, the Mosque is located near the Largo, the independencia, close to the Jumbo Supermarket, right opposite Hotel Forum, on the Prima de mayo-airport road.
Got that off the Internet !!!

Salaams and rgds.

Hello to all,

I am new to this country and is now living in Luanda ( the marginal near Hotel Presidente).

As all muslim, i have a concerned. I would like to know two things

1. Where can I buy halaal food ( restaurants and supermarket where I can buy chicken or meat)

2. Where there is a nearby masjid. Last firday I went to one which is near the airport. I want to know if there is one nearby where I live.

Thanks loads for your support.


Muslim people are know for their love faith cleanliness beauty and most commonly for their halal food. Muslim Food or Halal Food are those which are allowed under the Islamic Dietary Guidelines there are so many Muslim food suppliers/sellers in united kingdom and the have their online web portals and you can order for your favourite Halal food online at any time you need. you can order fresh chicken cuts or ready cooked, and prepare a delicious Muslim food at home. At present, there are a number of online stores which specialize in Halal food.

Hi all,

Nice to meet muslim community at this Blog.
Please let me know Halal restaurant near Luanda.:)


Hello everybody,
I would like to buy Halal meat and chicken, please could anyone advice me where I can go for that
Thank you very much

Al Dar Lebanese Restaurant

Rua do Salador Allende, Luanda, Angola


Maculusso - Rua Fernao de Sousa N:21-23, Luanda, Angola

Salaam Farid bhai,

Kya aap hame Al-dar & Al-Amir ke contact no. de sakte hai?

M in Luanda these days for visit. Kya koi Pakistani restaurant bhi hai Luanda me?


Salaam Farid bhai,

Kya aap hame Al-dar & Al-Amir ke contact no. de sakte hai?

M in Luanda these days for visit. Kya koi Pakistani restaurant bhi hai Luanda me?

Please post in ENGLISH only on this Anglophone forum. Thank you.


Last evening soon after checking post/ blog I visit and found Al Dar & Al-Amir.

Dinner was in Al-Amir and today dinner will be in Al-Dar InshaAllah.

Nice restaurant nice & delicious food yam-mi.

Thnx for the info.

We are planning to start our business in Angola. We are mainly into exports of Refurbish/Used Clothing. We are looking forward for any kind of help in this regard like how to acquire VISA as their is no Angola Embassy in Pakistan. Also inform if you have some idea of any sort of business we can start their. Please send me your Viber or Skype ID so we can discuss in detail.
Jamal Memon
Email: Jimz_2009[at]

Minha Loja Supermercados in Maianga area has lots of Halal food items and Halalmeat,you can contact them on 00244 938 604 619.

Hi People.
Excellent Biryani, but had to order few hours in advance, but they have many other things on menu.
Call the restaurant owner on 930920545
His name is Sohail.
Say a prayer for me, as I introduced you to Biryani in Luanda :)
Tell the guy Rashid sent you, and you will get extra VIP treatment.

A.o.A to every one.

Its really pleasure to see many Muslim and few Pakistanis here in Luanda. Soon am going  to move here and would like to keep in touch with you guys.  Rashid Bhai you share us very valuable info can you pls share you contact detail?
Am reach able through email safzalnizam[at]

Thanks & Regards

Dear All,

Can any one guide me which place is batter for living with Muslim family and how much will cost 1 or 2 room apt.

Luanda Sul, Miramar and Ilha of Luanda

Dear Afzal

If you are moving with family and have school going kids then talatona is the best. Be informed that the Talatona international school is very expensive and make sure that company pay for your kids school and residence as well.

Thanks for your reply. We don't have school going kid, I heard Talatona is far away from main City is it true? If yes then which other place near to city? Yes company is going to provide me residence but its limit up to US$ 4000/= is it enough?

Thanks in advance for info.

Dear Afzal

The most important thing the location of your office. I f the office is in the city then try find apartment nearby the office. with 4000$ you will really have to struggle to find a good location apartment. Villas in older condominiums in talatona, you can find a house with such ceiling. One suggestion, where ever you want to choose but remember to ask for electricity and water supply. many new apartments are having those problems. For your information one tank of water cost between 120-150$ depending on the time of the year and availability.
Taltona is not far away approximately 15-20 km but in week days lots of traffic jam. Just an idea, it took me 1-1.5hrs to reach office from Talatona to luanda city. bear in mind that I dont use the main road, I am going along the beach and most on jeep roads, main road takes 2-2.5 hrs to cover 15-20 KM.

By the way, what is your job here?

Thanks for your reply and its really important information. I got offer a company Called Angoalisar  as MIS manager am in IT field. What you suggest me how much i should ask for housing? Second i noticed from your profile are you from Pak? can i ask your name pls.


Hi, i just want to ask if the Halal food shop still there now because it is 2015 already. And where do u usually shop for halal groceries.? Can u tell me where?  My fiancee have to work there and he dont know anything yet about halal food in luanda. I am very worried about the food since there is a person said that he struggle to get halal food there and during ramadhan every iftar he will eat cereal. He survived for month by only eating cereal. My fiancee will be there in the end of this month. He will stay & work there for 3 month.hopefully someone can help?..  :) thank you! May Allah bless u!

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Assalam o alaicum.

Hope this founds you all in good health.

Just landed two weeks before wanted to know the direction from 'R. Aníbal de Melo, Luanda', please guide me the nearest mosque because I don't have my own transportation.

Secondly, How you people celebrate Ramadan and Eid here in angola because I don't any single Muslim here.

Thirdly, I'm planing to make whatsapp group for luanda expats especially for Pakistani/Indian/Bangladeshi. So we can get in touch about anything that’s troubling you, no matter how large or small the issue. We're all here to listen support each others.
We all keep each other know about events, reunions, and more.

M Salman

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Hi Salman..
This is Sohail from Luanda... I am from Lahore and I am here since 8-9 months..
I would not be able to guide you about the directions...please get the help of Google map or some colleagues.... Generally i can tell you that there is a mosque near to the Dar e Ameer restaurant..

What I understand you are near to Bales shopping center, if that is the case, it will be far from you...Mosques here are very few, and a sort of not familiar as well... get the help of some local guy or already available expats...
Creating the whats up group is very good idea.. you can add me also. My number is mentioned below...
Just to be in touch, you can also call me on my below number.

Sohail Iqbal

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Thank you sohail for your kind reply.

Group will also initiate new social networks in which individuals participating in the intervention can help each other (such as forming walking groups, buddy systems and social gathering).

Hope to see other request soon.  :)

M Salman

like to know about prayer place mosque and halaal food

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