Looking for English speaking friend in Alassio

Hi, I am Janny. Living here for more than 2 months but it hard for me to find any friend here who can speak English and any activity for expat. Feeling really lonely sometime...I hope to have a real  friend in here who can meet up for a gelato :) (not chat on internet please).

Hi how are you.

sorry by mistake sent you message.thanks

Call me, [Moderated: Use private message to send personal information, for security issues.]

Hi... I lived in Geneva most of my life But I wish to take up secondary residence in Italy, Alassio siming to be the best option... near Nice Airport (welll not realy far...) so I can comute at will but I wonder if there is an english speaking comunity there...

Also I would be hapy to have advice and suggestions about getting a confortable and spacious apartment (NOT a house) with a nice view...

Anybody around to help me in my quest ?

most gratefull in advance


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