Motor scooters.

Ok we come down in a few days.
My son just came up with the idea he would be more independent if he had transport rather than rely solely on the buses.
Does not have a full drivers licence so no car then.
How about a motor scooter?
Is it the sort of thing we could get easily, either In belize city or possibly the menonites sell them and any Ideas as to likely price. I have a funny feeling he was not offering to pay for his own transport, so if I am paying I need it to be a reasonable price if cheap is not an option.
Would it be a lot of paperwork/fees to get a driving permit for a scooter.

Looks bad replying to my own post but Did find really well priced motor bikes and scooters and spoke to a few people(all young and male) who have them all said the Chinese imported bikes are as trustworthy as any other, more than can be said of their fellow road users. My son is looking into what he will need on the paperwork side of it. I am not sure how legal the 14 year old boy was but he was Belezian, which at 6 foot 5 tall and 290 pounds is something my son is not going to pass as.

We thought about buying a scooter as well.  Do we need to get insurance for a scooter?  Do we need to register our scooter?

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