Living and running a business in Marrakech

Hi Ikich,

Please drop an advert in the Business partners In Marrakech section of the website detailing your project. Interested members will contact you.

All the best,

Im interested to be your partner if you still looking for .. i have plan to do cooker teacher school also .. cuz im a Thai and Asians chef
Anyway .. if you interested so contact me

Regard .. Thanks

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Hope u will b fine. Ok, we can discuss on the issue if your given no. has WhatsApp?

i could help you , but we need a proper conversation .
my name is Zak

Which one you looking for ?

Hi Dear,
If u like u can contact me  for the purpose on WhatsApp...***.

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financial advisor here


its good idea to have this kind of business in marrakech...

Riyad,,or school private for english,,,restaurant...

if you need help i can be with you

good luck

Hi jalal brother what you like to open a restaurant. I agreed with you. Need english and indian Restaurant. There is two indian Restaurant  in marrakech. But not real food.  If you find rent restaurants. No advance  rent or deposit to pay just pay rent 3 month advance. Gpod locations  then call me ***

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Salaam Abdul
I am currently back in UK but have moved to Morocco and like you have been to every Indian so called as the food is not as we would describe. I have been looking at doing something and would like to discuss further with you if you are interested.
I tried to private message you but can't seem to send you my number?

Hope to hear from you soon inshallah


Assalamualikum. How are
Brother . I was looking for sometime  to set up a restaurants but nothing come up on my interest. It is work deference way of rent a shop. For that. I am not looking two indian  Restaurant marrakech  now . One top of the roop top 5 Star hotel. Doing good Business. But Marrakech  need  fast food Business to open. That would be good idea.


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Hi I will be shifting to Morocco very soon and looking for a business partner I have experience in export and import business for 5 years also visited Morocco in January 2108 and found that there is lot of business opportunities which are untouched I am from India and I found Moroccan are very influenced by Indian culture food and clothing the kind of fabric and clothes that are made in India are in high demand in Morocco also there are a lots of other products that can be worked upon I am looking for a trustworthy and reliable person to start a venture in Morocco

Morocco is not influenced by indian culture where did you get that from friend it is influenced by french as it has been french colony for long time as for business in indian products i can only tell you that if u import rice and mangos from india then that will surely be a product can make good money but it is not easy to deal with moroccon customs as duties varies and lots of paper work to do which again is a mission in itself. The other thing i can suggest is opening a small take away of indian food in marrakech that will be really good as you have lots of asians from europe visiting marrakech every day and they get fed up with local food in couple of days. But if you need more ideas or looking for someone to work with i will be happy to discuss. 


Well I am familiar with the hassles of imports and duties and paper works I appreciate your suggestions about opening of a takeaway food joint of Indian cuisine yes rice and mangoes can be done from India I have been  in export of vegetables and fish for quite some time

Bonjour Mizanurdonia,

Ce qui se vendrait très bien à Marrakech, ce sont les différentes étoffes indiennes pour confectionner des saris. Les femmes à Marrakech en sont folles, elles se servent de ses tissus pour se confectionner des robes. Pour les hommes, les "pyjamas" par exemple et tous les vêtements en général sont très appréciés. J'ai un couple d'amis dont le femme est indienne, il habite près de Goa quelques  mois par an et à chaque voyage, ils devraient  prendre 3 valises, rien que pour ramener les habits que les gens de Marrakech leur demandent, ce n'est pas leur métiers.
Mangues et tout ce qui est nourriture je n'aime pas trop, ce sont des denrées périssables.


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Salut Salut sister,
I guess that arise in marrakech no matter how much easy or hard , you probably have read some messages that got you happy and excited to open it up and start your time thinking about the first builds on your project , while over others you would probably be afraid and scared to open one from the slow process some of the ppl ( that we are thankful for them help ad advice ) has given you . If you would be logical and thinking smartly and with mid , there is no project in the world that was that much shown to be successful just by paper and without boarding and getting in the game , and what I mean by that , is that all now depends on you and the fresher or what is the new thing you will provide in your road that is not existing in others , and as you have been right here in quiet some times , so I believe that you would have some quiet ideas about what I'm talking about , and for me or in my personal opinion and as I'm a citizen from this city I can just encourage you to do soo , if that's what you do really want to work on and develop , my idea is clear I guess . And if you want some more talks or some more alternatives here's my e mail , so you can give me your situation and I can give you my opinion about that quiet marketing or on how to commercialize your service abroad and we can see . so here's my email : aymane.laboudi[at]

Hi abdul
Hope you are doing all right
My name is mohamed 41 yrs old. moroccan from azilal.
I work in hotel and tourism industry food and beverage for many yrs . Have worked in dubai too.
Actually i live in Marrakech.  And looking for a job. 
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello miss Deborah sorry for my late reply there is lot competition of course I'm living in Marrakech and I work in tourism business ,the net is not enough cos you need people who can help you here in Marrakech who have contacts with tour and travel,tour guides and have networking experience if you need any informations and help contact me maxwidani[at] or 0603940066 that's my WhatsApp number also

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