Living and running a business in Marrakech

Hi Debra call me Lichfield staffordsdhire ws13 6pwe eastern eye


I have been two time this month. Can you let me know is that rent or to buy. I am not buying. Now possible later. When I make money

Please let me know address I will contact you talk

Best regards


Hi can you able to contact me please xxx uk

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I  am from England  and looking to rent a Maison dhotes / or guest house near a big city like Marrakech like Ourika valley. If  you know of any I would be pleased to hear

Hi I am same as you. Looking for restaurant unit any part of Morocco. For rent. It seem no one are find one for me.

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Professional spaces In Marrakech, you may find some offers.

Do not hesitate to drop your own "looking for" advert so that you may get better chances of what you are looking for.

All the best

hello dear deborah

name ksikas abdelhak
up to know i'm in france and i have double nationalities

i have all my familly in morrocco
if you still need any kind of help
so write back or call
english, french and arabic


Thank you - I will keep in touch - first I need to find a job etc

Thank you for getting in touch.


i'm man name ksikas abdelhak
ok I will back to morrocco next month we keep teach to give help to find job

Thank you so much

Debbie x


ok send message or call than we will see

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hi Deborah
i m houcine from agadir ,i just seen your letter  this beginning  of the year 2016,  its old  this annonce here in the site  but i can ask you if if  you were  made your  bussiness during  years ago?
                      best regards


Trust you well

I hope you are in a positive think to do in Marrakech.

I have some searches I do one year ago after 15 years in hospitality and leisure industry I spend in dubai.

So if you are interesting to share with you all my suggestion of running a business specially in hospitality please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice day ahead

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I know several tourist transporters (chauffeur driven cars) in Marrakech who speak multiple languages.....English, French for sure. Private message me for details.

Keeping any Tourist Transport service "on call" is classy feature to any establishment and an often less expensive option than a random taxi ride for your clients in most situations. We all know some taxi drivers will try to over charge tourists by forgetting to turn on the meters or renegotiate a price after they have your clients bags locked in their trunk.

This service gives you bit of control about where your client go. If your hotel staff advises clients about the benefits of these services, the clients will feel you offer specialized attention while experienced Professional drivers with their clean and luxurious cars can get them to your choice of great destinations in style. These men will gladly work on a call to call basis.

If your clients like a little independence of going to places on their own, advise them a tourist transporter will protect any possessions or purchases left in the car as the client enjoys his adventure.  It is not as expensive as most tourist think. Remind the client he pays only for what he hire a transporter to go. Unlike a taxi, it is always a clear set rate before your client is in the car. Remind the client the driver doesn't rack up extra money the longer a client is in his car or waiting for him to matter how long it takes to get from point (a) to point (b).

These men will happily go short or long distances, and each driver often will knows many reputable people or offer ideas for events and places to visit.

Tourist Transporters are not official tourist guides so they are by law not allowed to accompany a client into a destination or act as a tourist guide outside of his car, but he quite often can recommend exciting and interesting places for your clients to see.....of course that is, if he can then drive your client there.

Miss  can u accept my partnership in ur proposed business as i also intend to do any small business there?

Dear if u like i can offer my partnership in any small business u want to start there.

Hello Namee,

To whom is your post intended to ?

If you are looking for business partner, the proper section to drop an advert in the business partners in Marrakech section of the website so as interested members may contact you.

All the best,

ok thanks for the advice pl.

Reply me at ...........**** on the subject.

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namee :

Miss  can u accept my partnership in ur proposed business as i also intend to do any small business there?

If you have some type of touristic business already or are working in a business here in Marrakech that sounds as if it would be able to utilize these services with the type of situation I was talking about for the tourist transport gentlemen I know, I would be very interested in talking privately about how we could benefit eachother.

The type of business I was talking about relies heavily on men in similar work (regardless of whose company name is on the car) cooperating together to keep everyones clients satisfied.

We are not necessarily talking about a formal partnership, but it is not completely out of the question. In this business the drivers are mostly independent operators who work under contract in connection to another licenced company. Touristic Transport business is similar to Touristic Guide Service in the fact that most people can't just start their own company. People who work in the industry usually have to make a contract with a large established company within the business and then work somewhat independantly under that corporate name.  Technically, the cars then belong to the licensing company who puts their name on the car, but in reality most drivers actually own their own cars. Responsibility for earning a living with those cars depends on the ability of each driver and his own list of connections to potential clients. This is the benefitting eachother I am talking about. Not all licensing companies work the same, so if you are shopping for a name to put on your car, great care must be paid when reviewing the contracts before agreeing to put that company name on your car. Success is often Depending on the language used in the contract and how much right to independence the driver has over accepting jobs from other people.

If you already own a touristic class car and are wanting to become a touristic transporter, I maybe able to advise you too.

To conact me privately, touch my profile name at the top of this message and click the message button when it appears.

Never try to put an email, phone number, or an address in this area of this public forum. Thousands of people read these threads and some are not with good intentions. For your protection that kind of information will get moderated off the thread before I can see it. So, privately give me that info.

Hi Deborah,

I hope you're well.

I'm assuming that you have moved to Marrakesh?

Did you start your riad business?

Or have you gone into teaching in Marrakesh?

I am also a teacher and looking to move to marrakesh. Please let us know how it's been for you? Did u manage to find work in teaching? How is it living and working in Marrakesh?

I would love to hear more about your experience.



Good luck Deborah  :)

I have  foreign friends who own their businsses in Marrakech. I can put you in touch with them
I have been working as a translator for a famous cooking school in Marrakech for the last 14 years. So I can help you with ideas
Kind regards

Hi / Salaams Mohammed,

Can I ask please, where are u from? And how did u find the move to morocco initially? Did it take a long time to adjust to ur new lifestyle?

Also do you know of any good schools/colleges/universities in marrakesh?

I am Moroccan  , not an expat. So adjustment is not a problem. You mentioned schools and universities, are you referring to state or private?

Oh ok sorry.

Both really. Im interested in teaching / lecturing in either a school /college/ university in marrakesh.

I have been offered a job in a private school but it was part time hours only and didnt pay much

Recruiting is usually done in Summer before the academic year starts. THERE IS the American language center or Center for language or Culture which are staffed now. But there are other business schools like HECE or HEM or Sup Co
Good luck with job hunting

Hello , Will be happy  to discuss an eventual partnership in  Marrakech or Rabat.

Hi Deborah,

just read your ad and wanted to know if you got your Riad in Morroco?
I am planing to do so also so I would be very interessted in your experience.




Have not done it as yet.

I'm planning to move to marrakesh in the next 6 months.

Am gonna start looking for work - any tips.

Are you living there now?

Hey Debs, I'm in Marrakesh and I would be glad to help u concerning anything

Hi Deborah,
  I trust this reply finds you well. I don't know what you have done since your post in which you were asking for advice on investing in Morocco.
I will take the "school" part of your post.
  I don't know if you, or anyone would be interested in setting up a language school in Marrakech. I've been a teacher of English since 2003. I am also pursuing a Master's degree at Portsmouth University (Distance learning). I live in Marrakech and if you are interested we can partner for a language center here. I am currently working as a part-timer at the American Language center here and they are actually the only good place to go fpr English courses. So some competition would not hurt.
Let me know what you think if the idea is still valid.

Best regards

Hi Dear,
Hope u will be fine. I can think for partnership or invest within next three months in ur English language school set up if u planned this by research and preparing feasibility report about this business. If so, may I have an idea of the total investment/amount u need to start this set up?

Hi I am an expat in Morocco, 30 plus years of teaching and lecturing experience in the UK.

I would be extremely interested in collaboratively opening a Language Centre either in Marrakech or the Tetouan/Tangier area- there are lots of possiblilities.

I am keen to hear from someone who would be willing to invest in and/or help run such an organisation.

Please get in touch if interested.

Many thanks,


Hello Chris ,

I suggest you to drop your ad under the Business partners In Marrakech section. Your ad will benefit from a better visibility there and those interested will easily reach you.

Thank you


Many thanks

Peace on you Deborah,
I am a 26 years old Moroccan Marrakechi, I guess I can help !

If your first time you will invist in morocco i promise to you to loose your money. so my only advice to you to not rirsk all your money .

Ok thanks dear for the good advice.

i am 24 i would like to be business partner

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