How can I get my Resident Visa in Dubai??!!:(

How can I get my resident Visa?

haha I would prefer to get a job because Arbi people have a lot of wives so beware LOL... I am also looking to get a resident visa through a job i have been to dubai once coming again in November or before so lets see and best of luck

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I invite you to read this articles on :

- Work visa Dubai
- Working in Dubai

Can you please tell us in which sector are you looking for work :/ ?

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I worke as a personal fitness trainer, ..

you can get any job through dubizzle just look it up, every hotel wants someone like you :)

I tried in Dubizzle also..

anyways..thx :(

hmm then i guess they don;t prefer people from Iran :/,,, because even i got a job from dubizzle but my passport wasn't valid enough so i am applying for renewal and i'll apply again. There is also gulfnews try that as well.. everyone wants to live in dubai cause it's so beautiful

There are many thousands of Iranians in Dubai.  In fact there is even a hospital named 'Iranian Hospital'.  It is wrong to say Iranians do not get Dubai visa.  To get a residency permit, first you need a sponsor who employs you; or you marry someone who can or will get Dubai residency (he needs to work or run a business as well to get a visa for residency).  You can also become an investor and get your own visa in Dubai.  If you do not work here, or own a business, or being a spouse of a resident, it is not possible to get a Dubai resident visa.

she already knows everything which you mentioned, and iranians are very rarely seen in dubai and just because there is a hospital named iranian doesn't really prove anything lol


you can go on a visit visa and a beautiful girl like you can find anyone .. you may b e married within the first week! best of luck :D

mayb oneday I meet you in Dubai then..:D

sounds like a great idea hope for the best :)

The only way to stay in UAE is try to find a job here, do u have any qualification and working experience ? I don't think it's very difficult to get one, but very difficult to get one you satisfied

Hey Colin please find her and me a job if it's not that hard. Thanks LOL


Really ??he wanna find job for us???:o



Please could we avoid the off topics and focus on the original one.

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@ sevda11 : In order to give you better guidance, you should give us more details on your experiences and skills. Thanks :)


Hi there u can summit ur CV Here . this is iranian company

if u wnt to more



if you are looking for residents visa. You will need a sponsor, as a family member or an employer.

If you are married and your husband is working here with a minimum salary of 4000 AED, and a resident certificate can get spouse Visa.
Registered companies can also sponsor employment visa for employees.   
If you have child with a minimum salary of 20000 residing in UAE, they can also sponsor parent Visa.

another option is freezone visa. !

Guys ..... she's right, there are some restrictions  regarding some nationalities, Iranians included.

Getting a job/job offer does not grant an automatic right to a visa.

sevda jan

yekam abero iraniyaro hefz kon , omadi khodeto inja be haraj mizari? kasi nemikhad ba man ezdevaj kone/?? vaghean vasat moteasefam , hezarta keshvare dg hast ke mitoni kheli sherafatmande visa kari begiri va kar koni age ghasdet ine albate .dubai haminjorish zanaye iranio be onvane jende mishnasan , bad to omadi inja migi harjor shode mikhai visa begiri???? vaghean vasat moteasefam.

Guys Due Political Problem between countries (IRAN & UAE ) right now Iranian Nationality is ban in system there is no any way to get residence even FreeZone or investing . only thing is your husband must hold  UAE residence and you will get Depended VISA .

salam fekr nakonam in be shoma rabt dashte bashe,va man irano khyli vaghte tark kardam ...
neyazi be advice shoma nabood.

thanks  :D   :offtopic:

@ minolta786 and sevda11 > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum please?



You introduced an Iranian company for getting residency visa. Do you think if they really can get such visa? It's a long time I am looking for help in such issue.
Thanks for replying me

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