Activity group (Basketball, scuba, running, cafe's)

I will play basketball with other a friend in bayan youths center. If anyone interested to play basketball. You are welcome.
Court is nice and weather is amazing so let's do it!

We will start 4:30 pm today

Any Running and Chill-out activities in March/April?

PM if anyone is interested, We can schedule a time at a weekend.

Hi Mo

that is great finally i see something happening in Kuwait. i would love to come for the basket ball game. send me your contact dude and i will surely be there at marina at 8am  unless if the location is changed now.

Is this basketball group still active? I am looking for a pick-up game and would love to get more information. email me at *** , thanks!

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No, it is a 6 year old thread that still gets random hits. There seems to be a lot of interest in playing basketball though. A new thread should be created...

I want to see Kuwait in the world cup very competitive

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