Getting Married in Philippine Embassy

Dear all,

I would like to invite you to join on this thread and post your idea, comments anything about getting married in Philippine Embassy, especially to those who get married in Ph Embassy. Could you give us information about the process or procedure and all the requirements needed to comply.

Me and my fiance are planning to get married here in Indonesia @ PH Embassy. I still don't know if it is possible or not. If, not can anyone tell me what to do? where can we get married and how?

We are both on the legal age and both catholic.

Please help us. We need your information if you know all this things.

Thank you so much!

The best thing to do is ask the people who work at the embassy and get their advice or search on line for it but I am sure you can marry here. But why get married in the embassy?

I know the Australian consulate in Bali stopped marriages there years ago..not sure bout Philippines ..just ring them.cheers.

Given the date on the OP, I suspect they're married with two kids by now, maybe even already gone through and acrimonious divorce with lots of laughing lawyers who made a small fortune out of the thing.

No divorce in the Philippines..your married for u can do is get an Anullment so u can marry again..blame the Pope for that and the millions of unmarried Mums.

Just come from Philippines , be careful of so many things  the sharks ,so many have been caught and the if you r married there you may need permission from your newly Wed to leave the country of things go sour  good luck.

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