First hello... and also looking for a nanny

Hello everyone,

My name is Violetta, I am not expat, I am local living with my family in Moscow.

Found myself on this site because of urgent need of Filippino nanny for three boys (5, 2.5 and 5 months) who would stay with us. Cooking, cleaning, walking, playing with children... No super high requirements except for long term contract. Already got some phone numbers of Filippino girls but have not chosen yet.

Have a good weekend!

Hi violetka,

Please feel free to post an advert in the Babysitting in Moscow section, with details of the person your are looking for. This might help. :)

Thank you,


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Hi violetka,My name is chandrakala rai and i am from Nepal currently living in moscow and looking for a job of nanny/housemaid. i have knowledge to cook indian food too. I have visa for one year for russia. If you have job oppertunity. I can be a member of your family to care boys and your home,Thank you so much

@ chandrakala rai --> Hello :) Think that the Babysitting in Moscow section might help. Thanks. Karen :)

Hello Ma'am Violetta,

Please consider me an applicant.I am a filipina nurse in my country,i worked in hospital for 3 straight years fulltime employee,i resigned last 2010.I am seriously looking for housekeeper/nanny/au pair job all at the same time.I have valuable experience in rendering safe care and can do take care of your children.I can do household chores,cook for the family and can follow all instructions.I have all legal documents needed.I am willing to relocate to your country and work full time for long term/ long period of time.Thank you very much.


Hello chenchenpew and welcome to :)

I would suggest you to post your resume/CV in the job section. It might help.


Karen :)

nice forum

@hussienahmed - thank you but here pls note that you are a bit off topic  :whistle:

Maximilien :

@hussienahmed - thank you but here pls note that you are a bit off topic  :whistle:

OK Maximilien but rely i like this forum from first day i see all body give nice help

Hello violets are you still looking for a nanny?

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hi hello my name is jane a teacher from the philippines, interested to become nany and experience new level of life.

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hi,,, good day  how are you ,, can i know if you still need nanny ,,,, please contact me if you still need ,,, or same of your friend need nanny ,,,

@ nilda lascano > Do note that this is quite an old topic here (2013) and the offer is no more available.

I will advise you to drop your job request in the Babysitting in Moscow section, it may help you to receive more offers.


Priscilla  :cheers:

gud evening interested to apply as a your an ex abroad and have experiences about nanny and housekeeper at the same time.thanks

Helllo, I’m looking for a Philipino nanny URGENTLY, could you help me please !! My number *** , my name is Vika. I need nanny for part-time or full-time

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Hello everyone,

i am closing this old thread.

If you are looking for a nanny or proposing your services as one, please drop an advert in the Babysitting job vacancies in Moscow section.

All the best,

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