Places to visit in Zanzibar


For the ones living in Zanzibar, what would you suggest to discover the region?

When you have friends or family visiting you, where do you go with them? What are the must-see places in Zanzibar, the tourist sites?

How to visit the region in an original way? Any unusual or unknown place to recommend?

What would you suggest for a couple of days of for a week of holidays in Zanzibar?

Thank you in advance for participating ;)


Hi Julie,
The must see will depend on the interest of a person, however, if your friends are interested on cooking/food, they can visit the spice farm at outskirt of Stone town ,this visit will combine cooking class and spice tour, if at all you are interested on being less touristic you can be in the (public transport) dala-dala.
Secondly, Kendwa is a beautiful place to visit due to its magnificent beach, when visiting Kendwa your friends can have Kendwa village tour which is conducted by Kendwa people themselves, if you do not have someone to help you with this I can help you email sharakhamis[at]
If friends love nature here is what I recommend:
Dolphin tour
Jozani forest with red colobus monkeys
Safari blue with buffet in the local dhow
Half Zoo to view animals like pythons, bush babies, chameleons etc
Butterfly sanctuary
Prison island great place for snorkeling in town
There are more but I would love to recommend those.

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