Places to visit in Ohio


For the ones living in Ohio, what would you suggest to discover the region?

When you have friends or family visiting you, where do you go with them? What are the must-see places in Ohio, the tourist sites?

How to visit the region in an original way? Any unusual or unknown place to recommend?

What would you suggest for a couple of days or for a week of holidays in Ohio?

Thank you in advance for participating ;)



     Ohio is a big place. Which area are you interested in.  Northern Ohio has many attractions.  There is the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on the lake front.  Lake Erie is a great place to go fishing if you like that.  There is plenty of fine dinning in the Cleveland area.  There is a great Metro-Park system in the Cleveland area.  Toledo is another great city on the lake front.  Cedar Point is a huge amusement park in Sandusky that features the best collection of roller coaster rides in the country. The ride called "The Mean Streak" is my favorite. It is a fun place for teenagers and young adults.  There are great theaters and other local attractions in every area of the state.
       Let me know what you like and where you are going so I can give you a better answer.  I hope you didn't ask the question just for academic reasons.  I hate wasting time on something nobody is interested in.


This depends on what you are interested in. I lived in Ohio, near Cleveland for a few years and there are a number of things to do, depending on the time of year and your interests.

Music and Theater: there are a number of venues, both free and paid, whether you like black tie events or jamming with friends. The music scene is quite diverse and whatever you're looking for, you can find. There are a number of theaters and plays going on at any given time, just look for them and you're sure to find decent performances at a decent price, especially if you look into the ones put on by the colleges. They are pretty amazing!

The Cleveland MetroParks Zoo: I love their zoo! They also have a tram which takes you to the different parts, for those who may have difficulty walking.

The Botanical Gardens: Look up the website for the Cleveland Botanical Garden and check out the best time to go. The price is decent and they occasionally have free admission. It is very nice, very pretty and if you like photography, have your camera ready.

Not too very far away and for a smaller, more intimate little visit, there is a place in Mansfield, Ohio that I used to go to as soon as they opened, because I knew it was quiet and hardly anyone would be there. It is called "Kingwood Center." Many people go to tour the mansion that was built in 1926 and yes, it is very nice and interesting, but the real treat is walking through the acres of very well kept gardens. It is very beautiful and very peaceful and as you walk along, you may find a peacock or other beautiful bird strolling the gardens and enjoying the scenery with you. When I was there, it was completely free. It was also very easy to drive past the entrance and not know it was there, because it was gated and right off the main road when you drove into the city, so that was part of the charm. The locals seemed totally unaware that they had this precious gem right there with them!

Which is half the joy of moving to new places, is it not? Finding things people who have been there forever may not even realize or remember exist.

Oh, and if they still have it, not too far from Kingwood center is the Richland Carrousel Park if you want to remember your childhood and go ride the Carrousel. The animals are hand carved, and the carrousel has glass walls that are lowered during inclement weather, so then it becomes an indoor carousel. However, it does cost a pretty penny. (costs a lot of money)

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P.s: The aim of this discussion is to collect the maximum information on the places to visit in Ohio, which would definitely be helpful for the members going there for holidays


Go check Mohican hills, it is great place to go for kayaking and adventures. also check Cedar point.

If you love peace and simple life, go check Amish country. very loving people and place to spend the weekend at. also great stores and antiques. be aware they close early in the day like 5pm. otherthan that I always loved that place. it is in berlin ohio and around that.

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