Seeking english speaking expats here in Casa

Hi all
My husband and I are currently in Casablanca on his scoping trip for an expat job here.  While we have only been here a couple of days I am feeling very isolated and a bit worried about the decision we have made to move our family here for a 2 year committment.  I do not speak French or Arabic and find that there are just not many people that speak English here. 

We are trying to figure out where the best places to live are around Casablanca -- taking things like our chidren and schools into consideration.  I have been told Ain Daib and Californie, but am not sure if one would be better for us than another.

Any info or insight that you are able to give would be appreciated!

We totally understand how you feel being in another country where there is a language barrier plus the culture shock.
We also moved from Houston to Casablanca and we are finding it hard to re-adapt to life in Casablanca, we have 2 kids.
Concerning schools in Casablanca, there only 2 American schools, George Washington and the American School of Casablanca. These schools are expensive and if your husband's company will be covering the tuition, then you do not have a problem.
As far as housing and neighborhood, once again Ain diab and Anfa superior and perhaps California are the best places if you will be living in a villa, however if you will be living in an apartment, Racine, Gauthier, CIL, and palmier are good neighborhoods.
Casablanca has a lot of great restaurants and Rick's cafe is the place where US expats hang out.
Please let us know if there is anything we can help with.
You can contact us at 0654178022 or benjawad[at]

hi mom_a_teacher.

I do believe it's not an easy issue but at the same time it's not impossible.

there are some people speaking english , but let's be honnest : very few.
Mostly they are intellectual, and most probably are in university or working in multinational compagnies.

Tere is another topic here in expat-blog, where expat people try to gather toghether so as to be on contact, it's a begining.

on other hand maybe it's an opportunity to learn new language french or arabic, why not... and maybe it's better to teach people english and learn arabic-french... I am pretty sure there are a lot of people who will be extremely interested to learn english from you, so try to follow this path, maybe you could have your first contacts.

Before to finish, regarding the area to live, try better california or also ANFA ther are mice places.

Ain diab is nice too, but a little bit expensive and : during summer it's full of people and nosiy specially by night .

I wish you good luck.

I found this for you:

and this:

ut,s a group of women that they meet time to time and all of them speaking english

good luck

Hi Abdel,
Thanks so much -- I have been in contact with both groups and found them helpful.  I am excited about learning french and arabic, but lets be honest, it will take some for me to learn the language enough to have a conversation with a friend in either language. 

I have been told of an American neighborhood near the Ain Diab area and I sadly cannot remember the name.  I am back in the states now trying to figure this all out as my husband will be returning to Casa at the end of May and I will follow him with our children in June. 

I am also trying to find out about the private clubs for families and children that people have spoken about.  Where are they, what do they offer and how much does something like this cost.  I feel that nothing all by itself is too expensive, however the expenses seem to keep adding up and up and soon my time in Morocco will be a very expensive one.

Thanks for your insight,

Hi there!
We've been here less than a month and I'm studying French.
It's a must if you want to get 'in'.
Arabic what they speak here is totally different from other countries. Some words are the same but Egyptian doesn't understand immediately what Moroccan speaks. After several explanations they sort it out...

Please check my blog BLOGitse
you find out what I blog about...

Let me know if you want to meet! :)

Hi Missy,

My husband has also just accepted a 2 year assignment to Casablanca.  We have two young children and I have many of the same concerns you have as none of us speak either french or arabic as well.  We will be traveling the first week of June to begin making all of the arrangements for our move.  My husband will remain in Casa and begin work and the children and I will follow once the house is ready, hopefully by mid July :).  How did you decide which school to place your children in.  My son is not in kindergarden but we are wanting to continue his pre-school education.  Have you had any luck finding out about any of the clubs in Casa?  I did have some very limited info on the churchill club but the pricing does not make sence to me :)  I plan to visit them when we are in town in June.  If you will share info you get on Casa I would be happy to do the same.  This is a big move and I must say the process seems overwhelming :)

Hello!!! I am so glad you contacted me!  I am happy to share all that I have learned and discovered about Morocco (the good, the bad and the ugly)! It would be so much easier to talk on the phone (if you are in the states)and I am happy to give you my phone number if you wish to chat. Please email me at my personal email riptens[at] and I will send you my phone number.

We visited the American schools and we chose the CAS casablanca american school -- it was the best fit for us.  There seems to be a very american area too -- but it is far from the school, so....... we have not decided what to do about the "where to live" question yet.  Driving there is the craziest thing I have ever witnessed in my life and I do not plan to personally drive there -- at least not at the start. 

Anyway, I have much to share and am excited to find a kindred spirit :-) that will understand all that I will be going through with a move like this!

Where are y'all coming from?  We are in Houston, Texas. 

I hope to hear from you soon,

I just sent you an e-mail.  Hope to talk soon.


I received your email and we live in a VERY small world!! I will call you this afternoon/evening. I am currently at work (I teach pre-kindy in Meyerland).
Can't believe y'all are in Sugar Land -- we just moved from Greatwood to our home in Meyerland (Houston) last December. 
I am excited to chat!

Hi Missy -

Casablance has many expats living should have no problem hooking up with other english speaking folks.  Try the link to this facebook page which is for "American and English Speaking Women living in Casa" - they have a club that meets weekly.

Good luck, and enjoy the experience!


Hello Heather, I have done this and have begun connecting to other english speaking women.

Hi there, I just joined the blog.We are planning to retire in Morocco and we would like to see how expensive life can be for a retired couple.I would appreciate your comments.

From what I have found out so far - it depends a lot on where you wish to ive, what type of housing you would like etc.... I found food at the super markets and local open markets to be very very reasonable. We plan to rent because we will be expats for 2 years.  I have been told that Dar Bouazza is amazing and on the beach.  Because it is a bit far out (about 30 minutes drive or so to Casablanca city) the rent is pretty inexpensive for a large villa.  I don't know what the cost of buying would be. I personally would not like to retire in the city of Casablanca -- too loud and a bit too polluted for my taste.  The beach areas however are lovely.  Ain Diab is also beautiful and not too bad rent-wise.  Not on the beach but great views of he sea!
Good luck to you!

Hi all, im 24 yrs old and have recently moved to casablanca with my husband and 2 sons.  I dont know any english speakers so would love to get to know sme people. hope to speak soon x

I have found several english speaking women via yahoo group and facebook.  I will paste the links below and all you need to do is request to join.  I have found many friends this way and have had the opportunity to chat on the phone and eamil these amazing women.  I will be in Casa on July 8 and we will be staying for the next two years (except to vacation and visit home every 6 months).  My husband is currently in Casablanca working and staying at the hotel golden tulip farrah.  If you wish to email me directly you may do so at riptens[at] 
Here are the other links: [moderated: links are not relevang]

Good luck,

ummouyusuf :

Hi all, im 24 yrs old and have recently moved to casablanca with my husband and 2 sons.  I dont know any english speakers so would love to get to know sme people. hope to speak soon x

Hello and welcome to expat-blog ummouyusuf,
You could check out the American and British Network of expatriates in Caaablanca members of! :)

Hi :)
Are you still in Casablanca??
I am moving there in 2 months from Germany :)
I have lived in California for a long time.

Hope we can meet ;)

Hugs from Berlin!


Hi Noel and welcome to!

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Thank you!!
I am new at Forums ;)

well, I think you'd better head for DHAR AMERICE that is the best location where you can meet people able to speak english may either be americans or moroccans, as your are american, they will be so delighted to help you, to interducing DHAR AMERICA; it is a formation center for learning english with big library beside, in which deferent activities take place, allowing you make friends who may recommend you many other places where you can interact with english speakers.

Greetings it's nice to have met some locals from back home Iam also from England and I've been coming to casablanca for few months and planning to travel backcagsin in December. Last time I stayed near the kings mosques and I found it very safe and peaceful place near the beach . So please if you don't mind me asking what your doing in casablanca regards to work ? I await your swift reply !

hello people, looking to have some friends in casa, with whom can converse in english while I am there for my business trip,

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