Dear Friends,

I'm currently working at QHC Medical Centre. In our centre we offer Foreign Delivery Package at lowest rate in town for foreigner who live aboard from their country. Our delivery package starts from RM1500.00 Only. Kindly contact me if any of your friends need assistant. 03-8024 5760

For monthly check-up its only RM70.00 inclusive of consultation & baby scan by O&G doctor.

whats a foreign delivery package?

It is a maternity package if they wish to deliver their baby

oh ok,,thanks

guys grab's cheap but check if there is other underlying charges.e.g is it single room,any charges for husband stay, charges for blood test etc

Sir this is only for delivery. Stay in 4 beded room husband cannot stay together if want they can upgrade to single room with some charges. Injection for baby first time included

I may need to find a wife first before I can get this package...

wow the foreign delivery package is more affordable than for locals !

what gives !?

Hello ongallery :cheers:

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Gives us an idea how much prices have increased in 3 years. Pretty scary.

I delivered my baby 4years ago at a private hospital. 5D4N double sharing room, 1st injection, 1D incubator (she was a preemie) and photolight therapy for jaundice cost us RM13,000.00. My partner said he did not want to have any more kids with me after that.... :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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