Regarding naturalization for people with a Brazilian Child

ok, just did, but to make appointment its asking for Código de Solicitação: now i see alot of numbers, numero do documento,nosso numero and so on which of these is actually codigo do solicitacao? any clues?

ok, just did, but to make appointment its asking for Código de Solicitação: now i see alot of numbers, numero do documento,nosso numero and so on which of these is actually codigo do solicitacao? any clues?

i thought so too. was trying to see. but thanks Jim.

Hey Jim,
ive paid all the fees. i need guidiance please. how do i book appointment  at the policia federal again?

So i paid all the fees now i am confused on how to make an appointment at the policia federal. it said Código de Solicitação: whats that? is it the code for applying of a specific one?
please advice

whats the Código de Solicitação? please can anyone guide me?

hey guys i got the thing figured out

So what is it prince....?
I am busy starting the process, getting my documents ready
Any info would be greatly appriciated, from the website it seems you have to make some kind of self written declaration or something....I didn't really get it

yeah you need to and have the carteiro authenticate it.

So you write it yourself ?

What do you have to say more or less....just basic info please, like how long it is etc

Recently there have been more and more vague questions and unspecific answers. Please be very specific in what you need or answer so we can keep the threads to a minimum. This makes it easier to look up information at a later time.

Steve, my naturalisation application was accepted and I'm waiting for the home visit. If there is anything unclear with the process, please let me know.

Hi I have a few questions, but I can't seem to msg you privately?

jland912 :

The stamp in the passport doesn't expire. The PF will probably require you to renew your protocolo every 90 days.  Your CIE will probably arrive before then

´hey jim,
was at the PM today and all was done and a new protocol issued to me. however,no stamp was issued on my passport.
my question is is it necessary to get the stamp in my passport?secondly if i wanna move out of brazil for a few weeks, does the protocol cover me while i await the card? i was asked come by in 3months for my card.
thanks for your guide and its been really helpful and i wanted to know if the stamp is really really important to have in my passport

hello james,
i just had my case confirmed and i was issued a protocol to come back in 3months. how ever no stamp was issued in my passport. is it necessary? and i wanted to know if i can travelout ofbrazil while awaiting my RNE card. please advice if its to late to go there and ask for a stamp in my passport.

You don't need the stamp in the passport and yes you can travel abroad. Show your protocolo at immigration.

When I did mine they put a stamp in my passport and also gave me a card. Things have changed since I did mine. You need to notify PF that you are leaving and your approximate return. You should ask them about the stamp when you do. The reason for letting them know you are leaving has to do with your CIE. If it comes while you are gone and you don't pick it up they will send it back to Brasilia. It usually take 60 days more or less to get the CIE.


Within the first 90 days you do not need to inform the PF unless your absence from your residence is longer than 30 days. To inform them you can do another protocolo at their offices indicating period and reason of absence.

No, it's just short tris 2wks to. Europe and just 3days to Chile. Nothing more than the time it takes to come


hello guys,
got it done and thanks enormously for this forum. i was issued a 180 days protocol. my RNE should be out in july with all being equals.

Hey prince got my application accepted just like yours and was issued a 180 protocol slip!

Was told to come back in 3 Months for my actual CIE card so guess am all good to go, only thing is i cannot seem to track the status of the application through the Police Federal Website here: … ocesso.jsp

Let me know if you can track your process when you try!


Hey Daniel,
i am not sure, , i didn´t even ask how i could check the status. but i am sure if that´s the link, you need to do is go there and enter you details as issued on the temporary protocol they gave you.
I was told it comes out faster than the 3 months even. so after 2 months you should go there and check or just wait for the 3 months to go by fast. but time flies fast

I tried but I keep getting an error message! Can you try on your end and see if it works with your protocol #

sure, give me a sec
but try the link down your protocol, i think its near the barcode thingy....saying ...a autenticiddade deste documento.... you see it?

The link on my protocol slip works just fine, but that's just to authenticate the validity of the protocol slip, the link I pasted above will tell you if the card has been issued in Brasilia and will even tell you if it has arrived at Police Federal and available for pickup!

Let me know if it works for you bro


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