International schools in Da Nang

I'm trying to find some international schools in Da Nang. I want to move there next month and I need a school for my 7 year-old daughter. I know that there's Singapore International School there but I don't know the fees.... Are there any other international schools in Da Nang? I would appreciate any help.

Hello 'olabubu' you could try these, good luck Da Nang is a nice place.

Apollo English
ELI English Language Institute
Fisher's Superkids

olabubu there is also 'APU International' -
again good luck.

Thanks bluecheer. APU is an international school, but  is it in Da Nang too? I've checked the website and it says they have their campuses in HCMC. The others are just language centres. In need an international school with all the subjects in English. Any other schools?

APU is a college. I'm almost 100% certain SIS is the only K-12 school in town. Just call them directly to ask about the tuition.

Sorry about that

Hi! There is Singapore international school in Da Nang ( 139  Le Loi st, Hai Chau dist)! Because my Thai restaurant named Sala Thai in 111 Le Loi st, Hai Chau dist also, we have many customers are teacher from that school, they are very good and fun! Hop this is the food school for ur lovely kid! ^_^

I recommend Green Shoots International School. They are a boutique international school with campuses in Hoi An and in Da Nang offering small class sizes and a carefully tailored curriculum.

I just moved to Hoi An 3 months ago. My 20 months daughter goes to the Kindergarten in Hoi An, and she totally loves it!!! Even on the weekends when there is no school, she would bring her shoes to my bed, wake me up insisting "School, school, go to school Mama!". Only 2 months in school but I have seen her develop every day. Her language really comes up. She can count from 1 to 10, recognise colours & shapes and sing along the Alphabet song.

Their Hoi An campus caters to students from 18 months to 16 years old and offers  Early Years, Primary and Secondary programmes. A school bus runs between Da Nang and Hoi An, delivering students from Da Nang to the main campus in Hoi An

Their Da Nang campus offers an Early Years and Early Primary (Key Stage 1) programme. Once students there reach Year 3 (age 7) they travel via school bus to Hoi An to continue their education.

It is their intention to move the Hoi An campus to a location nearer to Da Nang in the coming few years, reducing the trip from around 30 minutes at present to just 15-20 minutes in the future.

Hope that helps :-)  Rosie

Hello, I have 3 kids, American with Vietnamese wife. We have homes in Danang and Hoi An. We checked out Green Shoots but not impressed with the curriculum (an no certification), and the costs were very high (>$10,000 usd/year). Singapore School (near Marble Mountain, just south of Danang), is excellent from our tour, but outside our budget ($12-14,000/year/ child). My kids went to Skyline school (Danang campus), reasonable price, but they weren't learning much (mostly for wealthy Vietnamese then foreigners). Now we found a Australian women that homeschools kids in Hoi An. Small class, all ages, and she seems very dedicated and my kids are loving it! The price is very reasonable, let me know if I can help more. **

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Regarding school fee at Singapore International School @ Danang, it could be as follows:

1. Nursery to Kindergarten 2: around $5,000/year (full day)
2. Preparatory: around $7,300/year (full day)
3. Year 1 - Year 6 (International Programme): around $14,500/year
4. For higher level, the higher fee scheme is applied.

For more details, you can find out at:
School Fee at Singapore International School (Danang)

Tel.:  84 511 3840 495 (Mon-Fri) - 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Hi. As I know, GreenShoots is a member of the Council of British International School and about to be accredited by Cambridge International Exams. GreenShoots is an international school following international curriculum with international teachers, where as Skyline is a Vietnamese school following Vietnamese curriculum.

Regarding to the fee, it varies depends on the kids' age. For more information, please check out their website

Cheers :-)

Hi, we are an Australian family of 5, 2 adults and 3 kids. We will be moving to Danang in June of this year. Wondering if you have the contact details for the Australian lady who is teaching your kids? We've looked at all the other options and they are all just way out of our price range.

How much is she charging?


Please get in touch via our email if possible: ***

Thanks so much.


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Hello, Please can I know the contact of the Australian woman that teach in Ho Ian?
Thank you


APU has a campus in Danang. K-12.  If you scroll to the bottom of their website and look on the right side you will see details for their Danang campus.

The American University in Vietnam is adjacent to APU (potentially causing the confusion).

In Danang, the only options for international schools are Singapore (has international or Vietnamese curriculum). and Skyline schools (2 campuses in Danang). Hoi An has Greenshoots.

How do you commute your kids  to and from the campus? Singapore Intl for example looks pretty far away?

I am looking at the same thing...SIS school and  I have looked at all of their schools in Vietnam.  Reading the posts on the international school was listed on the ex-pat site has made me lean toward homeschooling. Several of us are trying to get together and use a homeschool curriculum and then supplement from there. And that way we can also live anywhere.  Let us know what you find out… We have interviewed it to SIS schools  we can figure out about just under$1000 a month


My Daughter is coming next month and yes these fees are ridiculous. I have no idea who and how and why people pay that. Please can you give me the details of the lady with the home school. She is grade 3 now and I also would love to meet you guys and make some friends for her

We are still looking for others interested in sharing a homeschool teacher.  We have interviewed at 2 of the schools for our 7 y.o. Daughter and it doesn’t seem worth it to send the her to the international schools.  We would be most appreciative for what others find out, and we will be moving now about Jan 1st.

Hey, i found a great school. They about 7mil a month. Only English and standards amazingly high and only a few students. Will send more details when i have

hi any updates?

Yes. You can message me on XXX and I will assist. Just found the best place for my 7 yo Daughter andnthey are so well priced with personalised attention. Just foreigners. Nice

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u are amazing,thank u so still here hongkong but my husband lives in hoi an now.would u mind if he will contact u?

Hi Robert, would you mind sharing your contact for the homeschooling teacher please?

Hi guys,

i just came across your thread on this forum a few years ago now i regards to your family moving to Da Nang and where to educate your children.

What did you end up doing? Did you move there? If so can you share your experience of education there?

I am planning on possible re-locating from Chiang Mai to Da Nang!

Thank you kindly!


I need to find a school for my children (5, 8 and 10), but the international schools are quite expensive. Additionally only the oldest started learning english, so following courses held in english will be very hard.

So I am wondering, how to prepare my children for school on one hand. On the other hand I am considering to hire private teachers for english and vietnamese at least, or for other subjects as well.
Is home schooling a valid / legal ption in Vietnam, and does anybody have experience with it?

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