Iranian girl in Dubaï looking for new friends (only womens plz)

Hello! im living now in Dubaï and i would like to know other people, im 26, i am half syrian half iranian and i used to live in Paris before, i speak french and english, i am very easygoing and friendly person :) feel free to contact me:)

Hello Asaal.

Welcome to :)

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Hope you'll make some interesting contacts on the forum.


Karen :)

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Hello fellow Parisian...
You should make friend easily here there are a lot of syrian iranian...
and also french of francophile.

Bon courage :)

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Hi there,

My name is Margaret. I have also just moved to Dubai. I enjoy swimming and watching films. Message me if you would like to chat or meet up

good luck

Hi Asaal, Welcome to Dubai, its quite easy to build a network of friends here, specially Syrians and Iranians.

Hey Asaal,

My name is Gifson. How s Dubai treating u so far?

About me.. Well I am an engineer and i live in Dubai. I moved here a year back and i like it here. I am totally into sports, fitness, music, clubbing etc. I like meeting new people from different countries. so lemme know if want to catch up.

You can contact me on dsouza.gifson[at] or simply whats app me on 0529545434.

see you soon.

hii dear how r u ? am 29 ale born and brought up in dubai and looking forward to be your good friend.

no men?

Salut et bienvenue à Dubaï. J'espère que tu t'y plais bien. A mon avis, t'as pas trop à t'en faire car crois-moi, de tonne de potes de tutu t'en feras bientôt. Ok, prends grand soin de toi et surtout, n'hésite pas à me laisser un message si ça te dit.
stay blessed

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dubai is a very multicultural city i hope u r enjoying there and interacting with diffferent cultural people :)

Dubai is Mini Europe...amazing experience

Hello i am from india. are you in dubai at present

Hi everybody,

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Thank you,


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Send me your mobile number

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Hi. my name is Ira. I am also n dubai. Can i be your friend? Coz i want also to have a good friend arabic lady. Coz now i am studying Islam religion coz maybe in future i wil convert my religion as well.
And i want to have a chance to experience to go inside in mosque to learn how to pray and offer salah to Allah. Pls contact me if i can be your friend send pm in my email.. Thanks! Regards. Take care

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