in need of work

I am looking for a job in the island one where i can learn french along the way.... dont know where to start in need of serious help....


I would advise you to take some French classes before coming to the island;Indeed,having a good level of French would be advantage. You may find work in catering or as an English teacher.
Good luck!

Do you know at all how i can go about the teaching? I move to reunion island next week, and have looked into french lessons when i move as always easier to learn when you have no choice.

Sorry, I am afraid I don't know anything about that. Wow, you are moving next week! You must be excited!:)
All the best!

Yes very excited got alot to do though lol. Thanks for advice ¦)

Hello fitzy77.

I would adivse you to post an advert in the Language classes in the Reunion Island section; so as to make it easier for you to learn french.

Moreover, you may also post your resume/CV in the Teaching jobs in the Reunion Island. It shall help.

Thanks and good luck.

Karen :)

Thank you for the advice ¦)

some of my friends are looking for an au pair girl to learn english to their 2 children and keep them as they work, it should be a good solution to find a work on this workless island. :cool:


Do you have there contact details at all? Thank you for the help really appreciate it.


Hi, i will give your id to my friends, i think they are on too, if they are still interested, they will contact you soon



Ok thank you for your help.

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