Body Kits for Mitsubishi Lancer


I will be in KL in first week of August staying in Bukit Bintang for about 5 days.

Could someone please tell me a shop/store/supplier where I can get body kits for Mitsubishi Lancer. I am tourist so not much familiar with the area.

Would appreciate if you could suggest something close by with contact/location details.


Hi there buddy...

Hope its not too late for me to reply to your posting.

For bodykits and all sorts of tuners spare parts, you need to go to Sunway, outskirt of KL. Its heaven on earth for car tuners. Be aware of the fake products. Do your research first ya..

Your landmark, find the Sunway Pyramid mall. There will be a Petron petrol station besides it. Behind the petrol station is the heaven for car tuners. Be sure to go with the local people for good price though..

Hope this helps.

Hi mhchemat,

Thank you soo much for the information.
One more thing, how far is this Sunway Pyramid Mall. Can I take a train from Bukit Bintang?
If I take a taxi how much would it cost?


From bukit bintang to Sunway is quite far.

From bukit bintang, take a train to KL Sentral. From there take a train to Subang Jaya. From subang jaya station, take a taxi to Sunway Pyramid. And tell the taxi driver you want to go to sunway pyramid area, near the Petron petrol station. Behind the petrol station is rows and rows of bodykits shop, be it original or replica.

Not sure about the taxi price, but do insist on using the taxi meters. Iam local so i never use taxi mate...

No 55 Jalan PJS 11/7 Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya.

This is one of the shop over there in sunway. Give this to the taxi driver and off you go mate. Try to google map this address and u will see the area...try to use the satelite vision..

Hi buddy...

Thank soo much for the detailed information.
Wanted to know, is this area near Sunway Lagoon? Also do you have any idea what time these shops open and close?

Yup, sunway lagoon is actually inside/beside sunway pyramid.

It opens at 10am and closes at 5pm most of them.

Is this Sunway Lagoon's timings or the shops? 5pm seems to be too early for the shops to close down...

I'm looking for body parts like bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, diffusers etc for Mitsubishi Lancer GLS

i'm assuming ur trying to convert your lancer to evo bodykits. if i were in your shoes, i would rather to go to the place where there are a lot of shops to compare prices etc.. Nothing beats than seeing with your eyes and compare.

its always better for you to go in the morning. Going in the afternoon you will get caught up in a traffic during late afternoon.

Hi mhchemat,

Yes ur right...I'm looking for body kits to get the Evolution look for my lancer.

Bro zhafir,

You might be "into car modified or what not". And because you're into "car modified" you know about car in KL. Salute for that.

But is pure common sense for directing tourist to go to one place which contains several shops rather than one shop at one place; and having to go to a number of places.

For a tourist to go to Damansara, Setapak, Gombak and Pandan area to find a bodykits is rather time consuming and costly. Pure common sense. Bodykits are quite generic which comes from the same supplier. The only difference is the workmanship of installation.

Mr Mak here only have 5 days of vacation. Its just plain wiser to suggest for him a one stop solution. If Mr Mak have a spare time, then he might want to consider going to other places.

My 2 cents worth.

Hi, am from Brunei. I am looking for bodykit supplier That can made exactly the same bodykit i want from a photo. And i will like to import in Brunei .. Appreciate it of anyone can help me.

Looking for Msia supplier

I would like to know the bodykits shop in kuala lumpur for my mitsubishi evolution 7 ...because i havent been there before ...can someone help guiding some places for bodykits ?

Hi Jay Feng > have you not found your answers in that thread? You asked similar question that the OP.  :/

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