family reunion visa.. can any filipina here help me?

Hi christine ok nba papers mo?😊

Uu exactly one month and 15days Dito na Ko norway more than one month na ako Dito , ikaw nasa norway  kaba .

Regards Cristine

Cristine.pabia :

Uu exactly one month and 15days Dito na Ko norway more than one month na ako Dito , ikaw nasa norway  kaba .

Regards Cristine

English only please  :thanks:

Could you post in English please, so that we can all benefit, thank you

Have u need some help

Hi. Anybody applied for spousal (residence visa) recently? I applied and submitted my application at vfs global makati philippines last aug 17 2015 and today i received an email from them that they have forwarded my application to UDI Oslo Norway. I was so sad about the news coz it will take long like about 9 months or more. It's so hard for us as a family to be far from each other very long. My daughter misses her father so much. 😔
For those that applied and were granted for visa within a week or a month, did you receive the same email from the embassy? I still wanted to keep my hope up that we will be reunited soon! 😭

Hello  i apply same as u before , but I didnt got any email from them , but my husband got a letter from UDI that I  am granted a visa already . But I have waited for like one month and 15days , probably your papers it won't take too long , like 9months , because one of I know here in norway , they apply same as this situation , they have just need to wait like 10days , and they have got they visa already , it won't take too long for the visa, if your have a complete documents, aside from that , u need to email the vfs always , because before when I apply , I already got my passport with the visa on it , they just send me email that I already hold my passport .

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hi Shelly.

i am so sorry to hear that you got forwarded to UDI :( if u don't mind,  did the embassy email tell you how long the waiting time will be for applications forwarded to UDI? have u also received some kind of generic email from UDI that they had received ur application?

i had applied at VFS manila for a family reunification visa with spouse last june.  i have not received any email from them that our case had been forwarded to UDI, and it had been 2 months now... i saw Christine's post about getting an update thru her husband's email, but my husband havent received any emails either... i am remaining hopeful tho.. i called the embassy and they said they are still waiting from info from the police.. what kind of info, they didnt say..

but my husband called UDI,  and they told him that for our case,  the embassy required some info from UDI and that they had already returned the case to the embassy.. it is now up to the embassy if they can decide for our case or forward it to UDI if it turns our to be a more complicated case...

have your husband call UDI and check with them about waiting times and whats going on with ur case.. it can give u an idea on whats going on with ur application..

being away from family can be really hard.. :( i hope ur family can get reunited soon... and i wish u all the best.!


hi my fellow filipinas..

Since the case processing times for us Filipinos are slightly different than most applications from other countries, i decided to start a thread dedicated for this topic Case Processing times for applications in the Philippines

i encourage you to read my thread and discuss your experiences about your follow-ups or how long you had been waiting...

thank you :)

hello Guys!
      Requrement of fiancee visa? what is my first stip to do?

Hi visit the website of norway embassy in the Philippines and you can read the instructions and requirements there :)

Norway embassy Philippines-engagement permit


Good day, we apply Family Reunion last December 30,2015. I am curious  how many days/weeks before  we receive the result from the embassy? we got married in Norway but we apply here in the Philippines. our marriage contract is already approved in the Philippine embassy. excited to be with my husband again. please give me your experience.
            Thank you and more power

Hi jfylling

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jfylling :

Good day, nag apply po ako nang Family Reunion last December 30,2015. curious po ako  how many days po kayo naghintay bago nag approve? nagpakasal po kame sa norway but dito ako nag-apply. excited to be with my husband again. please give me your experience sa papers.
            Thank you.

hi jfylling.

welcome to the Norway forum of :)

i had started a thread about case processing times for applications submitted in the Philippines. please feel free to read the thread here: Case Processing times for applications in the Philippines

i had shared my waiting experience there, i am married to a Norwegian citizen and had applied for residence permit in the Norwegian Embassy in the Philippines.. and alot like us had shared their waiting experiences as well, which you can read from there.. a lot to read, but it is worth it... please feel free to share your experience too, to help others who are in the  same journey as you are. .

hope this helps, i wish you all the best :)

Hi everyone,I read this website and a lot of ideas we can learn..but I have some problem also because I just want to sure my situation too. I'm filipina 35yrs old and married norwegian man(we got marraigned last may 2016 in Manila city hall). Now I'm still in norway and I go home this coming November 2016. When I come here in norway I'm using visit or tourist visa but I have garantor and it was a best friend of my husband because my husband got pension in NAV because he got accident before while he is in Gigs coz his a singer. When I go back in philippines we plan to apply family reunification.

My problem is if I apply Family reunification in vfs philippines :

- do I need a garantor again?
-is any problem that we move another house because the house before he live is too small for any problem that I will use new address?(we're only renting)but new adres is my husband already declared in skattiten and post office and in police station norway that we move in another house.
-is the vfs need again a udi papers froM norway like I submit with them before when I apply  visit visa?
-Pls help me to advice the first step I need to do in Family reunication because no idea what to do huhu Hu. ..pls

Thank advice appreciates, hope somebody can advice me...

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