looking for friends in bbk

Hi  i am female, 29 and looking for female friends in bbk to hang up with.
Thanks alot

Hello back :))

mibinam k hanuz migardi:D baba be khodam message bede dige

Hello amiraryan - Could you please write in english on this English Speaking forum so that other members can understand? :)

Thank you,

Join an Ultimate Frisbee team. Takes a while to learn, but tons of fun, keep in shape, make friends. Or a good church.

hi, Sep, if you like to play badminton, can join me with some thai friends for fun, we play in rama 2, SC sport club, around soi 44, every tuesday night 8pm-11pm, cost 120b, if you interested, pls message me.



i just moved to malaysia myself

hw long are u here for


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Hi Sepide

I am Sherill, a Sri Lankan who work in BKK
I am a femail 28 years & I am also looking for a female friend to hang out. If you would like I can give you my contacts



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