Making a Move in Santo Domingo

That's the same float switch you use on toilets. Real EZ fix or install. Your local ferretería will have it. It just screws in to the end of your fill pipe inside the tinaco. It's at the top so if you can get up to your tinaco you can easily get to it. A pair of channel lock pliers should be all the tool you'll need.

Hmmmmm  sounds like an easy job,  lets see.  THANKS for the help.

I'm getting the impression that maybe you aren't to mechanical. I can let you know the next time I head south and I'd be happy to take care of it or show you how.

LOL  well I actually am quite adept at most things and I have a tool box that rocks. However getting up on that roof to check the tinaco doesn't thrill me. BUT I have friends who I can coerce into going up!!!! LOL

But next time you are coming this way lets get together for a coffee or a cold one.

I hope I didn't offend you.
I was down today so I won't be back this week. I'll take you up on the your offer. I'll let you know when I'm headed south again. Be sure to let me know if you head north, Santiago or the coast.
I guess I'll try to figure out messages so we don't have to start a string. Lol

What a move! Wow! Sorry for all those electricity hassle things. Just like you said, good thing you were on it from day one. Way to be on top of things!!!! :)

No offense at all!!!!  And thanks for the comments. One thing I have learned here,  never take anything for granted.  Make sure to check and double check everything. I am still checking my meter daily to make sure things don't go wonky........LOL

It is the same for everything.  I just got my first bill for internet and cable.  They added a premium TV channel package I did not ask for. So one call and it is removed........  It was only 150RD per month but I didn't want or need it.

Well done Planner, you will survive this move only stronger and closer to the Dominican culture and way of doing things! You have again shown immense patience.

I swear the universe is trying to teach me patience. Now I am at a doctors office waiting my "turn". 

FYI  doctors office do not work on an appointment system they work on first come first served, with the exception of relatives, friends, neighbors or associates of said doctor and or administrative clerk!!!!! 

So far this morning 2 people have jumped the line and I am about ready to smack someone!!!!  The secretary says - oh they called ahead.  Well I frickin well called YESTERDAY......

Yup patience is a virtue........

One more update:

My electrical issues continued - in terms of me using too much electricity.  Each day I would check my meter and see how many KWH I was using and it was still averaging  20 to 22 a day.  well hell I hardly used my air conditioner and it was just me.....

So I found a good electrician,  referred by a good friend.  He came to the house,  we turned off all the breakers and I was still using 2 amps!!! Hmmmmm something was fishy.

He came in the house and  opened my breaker box, took off the faceplate and there it was!!!!!  Someone (and I know who it was)  had put a main line connecting to my line before the breaker box!  Bloody hell - inside my house!!!!

So we disconnected them, he cleaned up the breaker box and closed it up.  Then, he told me to sit on my porch that night and see which of my neighbors had no power..........LOL

Here is the interesting part: the people who lived in this house before me had  no electrical contract.  They stole the electricity for more then 2 years.  AND they move 3 houses over and I live on a cul de sac so they live kitty corner to me.  GUESS who was in the dark that night???  Oh and it was done on a Saturday so they stayed dark........

And maybe on the Monday they went to the electrical company, but Tuesday was a holiday so they stayed dark until Wednesday. So sorry for them!  NOT. 

Now I use the proper amount of electricity!!!! My bill will go from about 6,000RD to about 2,000RD which is where it SHOULD BE.  And yes i did report them to the electrical distributor!!!

I went to the doc today. Haven't seen this doc for about 5 years. Things have changed as far as prices but, thankfully, I got in to see him in about 20 minutes. He remembered me and was able to give me 2 scripts and some advise. He also told me that next time I come not to pay the girl in front. Just tell her I need to get my script. So I won't have to pay twice again like I did today.  If course, this makes me very happy.
Hey Planner, I must commend you on deciding to live in the Capital. I don't think I could deal with that. I am, however, on my way south again I'm thinking this weekend or the beginning of next week. Maybe we can have that beer??

Planner, SO awesome you got it all squared away AND those people stealing your electricity got to be in the dark. LOL Love that ending, it couldn't been better! :D

Now, how do I say "meter" in spanish? Is it "el medidor" , "el contador", or something else?
I need to check on ours but I have no clue where is it at so I need to ask the property management at the building. *sigh*

I am here all weekend so just let me know when you are around. 

Yes "contador" is correct.  You should always know where yours is, you should always check your meter until you are fairly certain everything is good, and then check it on a routine basis, even once a week is easy.  Nothing worse then getting a bill that is a ridiculous amount of money and finding out after the fact something is wrong.

The owner of my building always shuts off the bomba so he can save a few cents on electricity.  Essentially, it's a manual operation.

If you want to take a shower, and there is elect, you have to open a few locked doors to get to the bomba, turn it on, then backtrack and lock the three doors on your way back to your casa. And he wants people to pay for the bomba every month for the privilege of this wonderful manual process. Hilarious!

I'm pretty sure its the Fluoride in the salt and toothpaste and the MSG in all the food too.

Sounds like a hell of a system....not.

Bob K

Welcome to the DR! :) And that's only the beginning of the differences :)

My residence visa has finally been approved. My next step is to go to Santo Domingo to complete the next step. I expect to be there this weekend. Can anyone recommend a good hotel to stay at that would be convenient to carry out the final phase of this process.

Thanks to many on this site that helped me in making this decision. Your info and advice has been invaluable.

Congrats!   Hmmmmm  hotels, there are so many in the capital!  If you are there this weekend you might want to stay near or in the colonial zone as there is so much to see and do there.  The Mercure hotel is nice,  rooms are small but you are in the middle of everything.

Congrats...job well done.  I agree I would stay in the colonial zone and spend a few days.

Bob K

Thanks Bob and Planner for the advise. You are spot on, it is in the middle of everything. I had a good walking tour of the area today. There is so much history here.
I am very excited to begin the final stage to getting my residence visa. Now I will have to decide where to go from here.

Awesome!!!  If you are still there tomorrow night - go to Los Ruinas  at 6pm,  there is a free concert,  rent a chair for about 35  RD, grab a drink at the colmado or the brugal stand....  It goes until about  10 pm!

It is by far my favorite place to go on a  Sunday night in this entire country!

Thanks Planner, I will do exactly that. Sounds great.

Its an amazing event!   Older people, young people,  neighbors,  singles,  work groups etc.  Enjoy yourself!

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