any indian doctors here ...

any indian doctors to share their experience of working in abu dhabi.??

Hi drjignesh,

Feel free to browse through the discussions on the Abu Dhabi Forum for more information :)

Meanwhile I'm sure you will soon get a reply to your post ;)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

hi maximilien,

many thanks for the reply. i have gone through all the forums on abu dhabi forum..

hie there... Dr Jignesh

hi dr. sumit,
can you please let me know if u are in abudhabi. working in which place hospital and your speciality. where in india are you from.


hi dr.sumit. no particular interest. only i just wanted to know about an indian doctor working in uae. i am dr.jignesh patel from india and about to move to abu dhabi in about one month. i am ent surgeon from ahmedabad gujarat.

oh ok. u r welcome to ask any queries Dr Jignesh. I wil try to answer. I have about 3 month exp in UAE currently myself. All depends upon the hospital u r joining. as all that would matter is ur hospital administration people! so either u know what kind they are already through your long discussions so far or. if u need specific input, then u can tell what hospital and if I know anything in particular, would be glad to share with you.

And I am not an ENT, I am an Orthodontist.

Good Luck Dr Jignesh.

Hello sir...I'm an Anaesthesiologist from Vadodara...practicing since 1yr would like to work abroad...Can you let me know regarding the opportunity there and the experience required...Also the safety...

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