Schooling that isn't the international school?

We'll be moving to Shenzhen next summer with a 6th grader, a 4th grader, and a 1st grader (and a preschooler).  My older two are currently in a Chinese immersion at school.  Their Mandarin is conversant (fluent for children), but their reading and writing is not to the same level.  My about-to-be-a-Kindergartener will not have had language immersion experience before we move.  The international school tuition is WAY out of our budget, but I'm concerned about sending my kids to a Chinese public school -- mostly because of the literacy issue.

Does anyone else on the forum have school-aged kids and any suggestions about what we could do for schooling?

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To be honest, I was under the impression that it's not possible for foreigners to go to a local Chinese school?  I'm sure someone else can verify that or not.

There is more than one international school, have you looked at all your options?  SIS and QSI are the most popular options, but there are other international schools - in Bao An and Luohu, for example, where I think the student body is made up of mainly Chinese children with one foreign, one Chinese parent.  I'd imagine that in those schools, Chinese is spoken much, much more than in the main international schools.  My son is about to enter first grade at SIS and even 6 months after moving to Shenzhen, speaks very little Chinese.


I am moving with my kindergarder next month and looking to send her to SIS. How is your experience with them? Appreciate your insights.

Hi lafilledcn,

SIS is fine.  The facilities are very good but I've seen better schools which have worse facilities.  To be honest, I think international school education in Shenzhen is a bit lacking, but SIS is the best of the lot, I think and my children are happy there. I don't think it's worth the fees, which are extortionate, but the only other option I considered was QSI, but was put off by the dismal building the primary school children are in.

hi Lalashekou,

We are considering to move to shenzen area with our two children ( 11 and 6 ).
Would you be so kind to tell me the amount of tuition per child?
Is there any school in the region where the education is free for non chinese children?

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Hi loriadel,

The fees for this year for your children would be 166,000 RMB per child (about $27,000 USD).  Plus there is a one-off capital levy fee of 60,000 RMB.  The fees are here

As far as I know, there is no schooling that is free.

Hope the helps!

There are at least a dozen International Schools in SZ.

SIS is the most expensive but oldest.
QSI is up there in price and they're moving their campuses to Xilli this year and following years. They have a "no kid left behind" attitude.
SAIS is expensive but probably the smallest international school in SZ. They're moving to Shekou this winter into a brand new campus.
SWIS is in the OCT/Nanshan area in a fairly new campus that is government funded and I hear the education is so-so.
Green Oasis
SZ Korean
Japan International which is supported by the Japanese government and subsidizes tuition to Japanese nationals in Shenzhen
etc. etc. etc.

There are even low budget bilingual schools if International schools are out of your budget range.

Google... Shenzhen international schools and Shenzhen bilingual schools.

Recognize School located in Shekou is for mentally Challenged kids and an amazing school for the kids. I've heard great things about Recognize from local and foreign moms.


"Recognize School located in Shekou is an amazing school for the kids. I've heard great things about Recognize from local and foreign moms"

Recognize is an inclusive school and has one class for children with Special Educational Needs.

There is a primary school in shekou accepts foreigner. Also in Louhu near dongmen

Dear Nelie,
Do you know their name or address?
Thank you.
Hey there! I have a Shenzhen Welcome group on wechat for new people, you're welcome to join! There are some moms in it who can answer your question and hook you up with some of the other wechat groups out there.

Hi Rose,

Thank you for xour kind help, but but because of change in workplace we are now back in Europe, Hungary, but would be happy to go back to shenzhen.
Do you know where we should look for job of project/program management position/audio electronics products?
Any chance without chinese language, just english?
English is quite good:)
Thank you.
Have a nice day!

Recognize School located in Shekou is an amazing school for the kids. I've heard great things about Recognize from local and foreign moms"
Recognize is an inclusive school and has one class for children with Special Educational Needs.
Hi,May i have Recogize School address and number ?
thanks alot.

May I know is there anyone homeschooling in SZ?

I'd be interested in hearing anyone' responses/experiences of this also. We are considering moving to Shenzhen with our two children (5 & 8) and not sure what we are going to do schooling wise. Homeschooling was one option we were considering.

Hi.. did you end up finding out about homeschooling? I am a homeschooling mum and would be looking for a community in Shenzhen soon..

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