Looking for some kids activities in Condado San Juan

We've just moved to this beautiful island a week and a half ago.  We have 3 kids (ages 16,13,9) and we are looking for some activities for them, like pottery, piano lessons, guitar lessons and surfing.
Any suggestions?

There is an excellent surf school in Piñones (they are skilled, friendly and most importantly: very safety conscious). Unfortunately, I cannot remember its name but if you go to a restaurant in Piñones called Mambo Jambo (on the left if coming from Isla Verde - right on the beach), they should know how to contact the instructors.

HI we have 3 boys 11 and 12 age.  We just moved here this august.  What activities do you do for your kids and can we talk?


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Make sure they learn to surf, and snorkle, kayaking, Also getting involved with nature conservation, learning the plants, birds, fish, turtles. Also Boy Scouts, Puerto Rico has a Boy Scout camp in Lago Guajataca with lots of summer activities.
All my kids are adults, but if they were young, I would introduce them to anything related to an island.

You can visit the manatee rehabilitation center in Bayamón - it was popular with the kids in our neighborhood. Here's a write-up:

Swim teams are very active at the Natatorium (San Juan Caribe) and University of Sagrado Corazon (Club Acuatico de Santurce), as well as diving, synchronized swimming, and water polo. PM me for more information on any of these.

The Music Conservatory is awesome as well. Private lessons and different bands, and prices are reasonable (esp for the bands). You need to start at the beginning of a semester but they are super helpful if you go talk to them.

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Puertoricodaytrips. Com. On Facebook... If you are bored in Puerto Rico you are doing something wrong.
Old San Juan tours of everything. This is the real deal not Disney land!

surfing lesson: go to tres palmas surf shop in ocean park and they can assist you.

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