visa was denied in Belgium.Should i apply again for the same visa

Hi everyone! I just want to asked after they denied your visa and you want to reappeal, how much did you spend for that? Does it costs a lot of money? And how long should you wait for
the decision? Thank you very much in advance! :)

Hi there, Belgium is a real bureaucratic country and they screw people over all the time for real stupidity, We recently got a refusal after waiting nearly a year because I had not included a signed and registered rental agreement!! We have been married legally for over a year and I had to quit my work in Belgium and move to Armenia just to be with my wife, because the regime in Belgium refuses to let us live together. On the other hand if I were to stay in Belgium and not with my wife they might say BUT you aren't living together!!!

We just refiled and had to pay even more money, nearly 500€!! And they want the same information again despite the fact that they keep your info on file for 5 years!!!! It is bad bad and a violation of human rights if ever there were one

Thing is they have raised all their visa prices, I assume you are seeking a tourist visa? Do not appeal it their appeal process is USELESS and takes well over a year they only handle what they refer to as  "Priority cases."

When refused a visa look at the reason they give and see if you can respond to their ridiculous demands. If so you will need to resubmit you request again. If you are simply seeking a Schengen visa, you might be best to pass by Greece or another  EU country. Greece is giving them fairly easily since they need the finds.

Sorry to hear about your problems but this is European socialism at its worst and  Belgium is the armpit of Europe

Hope this helps

Dear All,

- Bureaucracy and its mysteries are always subjects of frustration for many people. But this is not the fault of bureaucrats if applicants do not provide the required supporting documents.

- It is spelled out in Article 10 of the law on family reunification If abroad, a legal resident, made his application for family reunification in Belgium, he will come with his passport, his title of Belgian stay, the act of civil status at the base of the duly legalized grouping, proof of health insurance covering risks in Belgium and abroad joined family members, a criminal record, the lease housing and a medical certificate to withdraw at our counters and to be completed by the doctor will also be required. A survey of "adequate housing" will be conducted.

Dear Phoenix Angelfire, I understand your resentment. But that does not permit you to insult the country that welcomed you. Because at the level of human rights, USA really have no lessons to give to other countries ...

Hi...anybody knows here about fiancee i need a invitation letter for fiancee visa ? hows to make invitation letter for fiancee visa?


All the required and precise informations are on this webpage … um/fiance/

hello sis im mRicar has partner a Belgian guy

Hello. I hope I could help you. I know how it exactly feels. In my case, my application was also denied after 3months of waiting. But we noticed with the decision, the embassy was telling us that we missed 3 documents when in fact we have it. So what we did is we hired a lawyer and passed the appeal. And wow! 2 weeks later we had a revised answer and it's APPROVED.

I suggest that if you're relationship is really for keeps, apply for fiance visa.😊

Hi....did you make a invitation letter in fiancee visa?

Yes,give a second chance who knows you might be lucky this time.A piece of advice,always consistent of your documents and make sure you've knew enough about your partner "small details matters most".

I know this post is a bit dated and still I want to ask about the fiancée visa application . How long does it take for u to get the approval ? And how long should be the relationship before u can apply for a fiancé visa ?
Thanks a lot

Hallo there! I applied for FV way back year 2014 and I waited for 3 months before I got my visa approval. My hubby and I were not yet one year in relationship when I applied for visa but still I got an approval though other people said that there is a required length of relationship. Hope this helps! Good luck! :)

Thanks a bunch!!! This helps me. One more question, how many times did u meet? and is he Dutch or French Belgian?  :)

Hallo again! My hubby and I only met once when I applied for FV. He is a Dutch Belgian. We live in Flanders.  :)

Hello everyone! Does anybody knows how long to wait to get the result of a family reunion visa application? Coz i just apply last year November 9 the woman in the embassy said i may know the result of my application within 6 weeks to 2 months. On monday it will be 2 months and i still dont hear anything about my visa application.

Hello there! Have you checked the website for the status of your visa? My mom applied for a visa together with my daughter. They applied last week of October. Then it appeared in the website after 1 month and it shows that it is still in processing. The visa officer told my mom to wait for 2-3 months for the result.

Yes i husband tried to checked using my reference number but it showed no result

By the way can i have the link of the site to check the status of the application. Thank u so much for the reply.

Your visa reference number should normally appear in the website after one month. I check the status of the visa in this link: … ation.aspx

Ok thank u so much...

nursykathy :

Hallo there! I applied for FV way back year 2014 and I waited for 3 months before I got my visa approval. My hubby and I were not yet one year in relationship when I applied for visa but still I got an approval though other people said that there is a required length of relationship. Hope this helps! Good luck! :)

Hello there?
When you applying visa did you show your bank statement? How did you pass prove of financial?
My visa rejected after 6 months waiting and were thinking about appeal the rejection.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

Hi there! Sorry to hear that your visa application is denied. I did not submit my bank statement when I applied for Fiancee Visa. I only submitted the recent payslips of my husband. I hope your appeal will turn out good.

How did you do it?

Hi Jhen,

Could you please kindly let me know how to send a remonstration letter to the embassy? Is it through mail or in person? If you share your experience/the process , it would be great. How much did it costed for you and how long did it took?

I am from India, and i waited for 6 months. By yesterday i have received the visa denial message. This brings a lot of depression after the long wait. I have to still collect the letter from the embassy.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Kath

I had applied for a reunion visa with my Belgium husband. I received a rejection on the basis of no stable income since he changed his job just  a few days  before the 6 months period of timeline. He was employed for 3 years .Should I fight the decision with his new employment contract or submit a new application. Or can we do both at same time.

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