New to Gibraltar!

Hi All,

I'm Ross, 27 and have just moved to Gibraltar from Newcastle in the UK.

I looking to make some friends either to play sports or to socialize.

I'm currently living in la linea but working in Gibraltar.

I enjoy playing Squash and Handball but I pretty much enjoy watching any sport.

hope to here from somebody soon :D

Hello Ross :) me and my partner Gabriel are going to move from London to Gib in a few weeks, let's stay in touch? We will be renting a flat in Sotogrande and commute to work. My boyfriend is into sports so he'll be in touch :)

Speak soon!


Sounds good!

look forward to meeting up with you guys!

let me know when you arrive. :D



Hello mate! My name's Glen, moved here two and a half weeks ago and I'm 20! Come from Brighton, looking for some mates and to socialize. I don't know if you know much jobs around? Been trying everyday, looking to get back into work.

Speak soon,



I'm moving to Gibraltar early September and would love to meet some young fun people too!

I love the gym, sports, going out and socialising, pretty much everything really!

I'm 25, originally from London, but have been living in switzerland for the past 3 years.

Would love to meet up and get to know Gibraltar better :) x

Hello helensarah.

Welcome to  :)


Karen :)

Hi Ross, and all.

Sorry to butt in on this topic but I am also looking at getting out to Gibraltar to continue my career in more sunnier climes.

I'm interested in your comment,

''I'm currently living in la linea but working in Gibraltar''

This would be my preferred option, my question is how do you get to work? I've heard driving can by awkward due to the long queues at the border line and also expensive/dangerous to leave your car on the Spanish side. Walking would probably be a long walk, I wouldn't fancy that before a long shift in work and then a long walk home after the shift has finished.

Any help from anyone would be really appreciated.

For the benefit of this topic I'm from North West England, a huge football and sports fan in general, and keeps myself fit.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Neil,

Welcome to Expat-Blog :)

Please feel free to created a new thread on the Gibraltar Forum with all your questions or even for sharing some useful information which might help other members ;)

Best wishes !

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

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Hi guys.

Gibraltar gaels gaelic football team is a great way to meet new people in gib and to socialise. Its good fun amd no experience require. Private message me if you are interested or have any questions.


Looks like a lot of Expats moving to gib, same as myself although I am 40 age is just a number.

I move to area on 21sr September after 10 years down under with the Aussies lol.

Hi colin, yes a lot of expats down here, mainly working in the gaming industry. Private message me if you have any questions before moving down here. Seamus

Shambo :

Private message me if you have any questions before moving down here. Seamus

Surely the idea of this and other forums is to help all and spread information.


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