How are black americans treated in Cairo Egypt?

can u  contact me at *** my name is shirley an i got to ask you a few questions thanks

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Hi there!

I've been here a year now, and never had a single problem. The only thing I've had to be careful of was people trying to take advantage of you because to many of them, we seem rich. No racial issues, no real prejudice. I've worked in many places, and I'm finding Egypt to be quite good. Still negotiating a few things, but overall, I really like Cairo.

i would like to get work as a assistant teacher teaching english i dont have a degree an i thought of paying for the tefl course in alexandria so i can do that i am black american 53 female n i like egypt but u need a job and not just your savings. i just wonder being black speaking english will get me hired. thanks

Being black won't be a problem here in Egypt. Not having a degree may make finding a job harder, though.  Still, if you like it in Egypt, Cairo is very good. The TEFL course will open some doors for you.


The young lady was on staff at  the hotel.

I have spent 3 years schooling here in Egypt, though my school not based in Cairo but I must confess to you that Egypt is a home away from home. I am a Nigerian schooling here. you can mail me on xxx incase there's anything you wish to know about this country

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I'm black American and have never felt out of place here. People everywhere can have some element of racism to them but I think most people here couldn't care less what your color is. Honestly you can't tell I'm not an Arab of some kind until I speak, but even when I do people are just curious if anything. I wear hijab and I won't lie -- that makes a difference on the treatment you get. Maybe without it, I would have more stories to tell :)

I advice you not to come at all if you are single.  But if you are married you will be ok! As for Afro hairdressers, there are non and the few that are there will be a Male hair stylist.  I suggest you would be better off going to Dubai instead!

Egypt is a good place to live and people need to stop being victims.  Be positive and you'll  attract positivity.


Racism is alive and well here .Not on the level as America but it exist .There are private beauticians that cater to our hair .But please stock on your own products because the products here are not as versatile as they are .If you want to know my experience inbox please .I have no time for those in denial.

Black American are different than Pure Africans because after all they are AMERICANS so they are respected everywhere and followed even imitated copied everywhere .

If you are looking for African female Hairdressers I can help you so feel free to contact me anytime you like & willing to help

Generally speaking, American and western culture is really respected in  Egypt. And generally speaking, Egyptians know that both white Americans and African Americans are from the same country.  I could really go into detail on this topic, being a westerner myself and being able to communicate fluently with the locals, but if I were to do this it would make a simple matter seem complicated. Instead a simple solution for many is to take a look at Egypt and its neighbours and say Alhamdulillah it's not me who is suffering today.  And if you can't do this then I would say that you lack the fundemental traits of what makes us humane - apathy and empathy.

Hi Shirley.  In response to your post about work as a teaching assistant; if you get the Tesol then this would be a bonus.  I have been teaching English in Egypt for the last 3 and half years and for sure I know your passport opens many doors in the education sector.  Many schools are more concerned about their image than the experience of the individual teacher.  So I think you'll be fine as long as you are prepared to learn the ropes fast enough at your new job.  The hardest part in most schools is discipline, but if you closely watch how the Egyptians handle discipline, then after a year or so you might find yourself becoming much more relaxed.

All the best.

Well I think a lot of racism comes from lies about who the original Egyptian were it is a fact that ta seti is older than Egypt in south lower Egypt and northern sudan be fore the aswar dam UNESCO .a fool name keith seal found items that were predinestic Egyptian by three generations they were founders of Egyptian civilisation.fact seal hid it 16 years because they were black and Arabs and Europeans do not want this known I am glad that know the facts that is why Arabs hate blacks they had nothing to do with the Egyptian civilisation

It seems to me that most of you don't know Arabs are not indigenous to Egypt and had not a dam thing to do with Egypt eight thousand years ago or no time in the distant past blacks were there long before there was any thing known as an arab in amercia they are considered white and this has gone to the brain and the European has helped them claim Egypt but I know the facts the blacks from there know that the Egyptian civilisation was black from the beginning the whites said .the blacks didn't have the mentality to do anything but they did a lot even in the usa.Anwar sadat was black the third president of Egypt. He told this when he was in America he also said that he was only true pharo in to thousand years .

Weldon, how about all the grey in between which makes the colour issue pointless and not worth uniting over.  For example my father is predominately European and my mum is Asian and my wife is 3 quarters Jamaican and the rest European.  She was born in England and I was born in Australia. She grew up in England, while I grew up in Australia. She wears niqab and I have a long beard. And we both live in Egypt.
So my point is this - if I lost you amongst all the grey, then let your focus and purpose be on something worthwhile rather than on superficial words related to being black, brown, hazel, chocolate, paper bag, vanilla, snow white, red, yellow,  cream , pale white etc. People uniting on the concept of colour will always be in the dark; bringing more blinded generations into this world. May Allah protect.

"So, here you are too foreign for home
too foreign for here.
Never enough for both."

-Ijeoma Umebinyou, "Diaspora Blues"

we don't have any problems with black people in Egypt . There is a wide range of colors here from beautiful very dark skin color of Aswan, Luxor and Nuba Natives to almost white color and all colors in between.

Plus there are a lot of African refugees here from many African countries .

Hi. Habashawi ihave locks so yes i will need them twisted i move in feb or march nice to meet u my facebook is shirl mathis im sitting on a couch add me w red curtins thank you.

Hi' friend:
              I doesn't mean anything in Egypt.
Who told you any thing wrong about that?
Egyptian people so friendly . And non matters between black and white.
You will will be interesting in Cairo.
You will explore everything your self.
And taste it.

Another your request about.  Hair dresses it will easy in Cairo
there are a lot of African people like your hair.
Don't worry my friend.
Egypt welcome you any time and anywhere.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Of course they treat them the same as anyone else. Most Egyptians skin colours range from light brown to black. The Egyptians are sensible people in that respect. They don't  treat skin colour as an important issue at all, which it is not  of course.

All blacks are welcome in Egypt ,I am African British and am going well ,getting on with my business.i live in Cairo ,and am able get all the stuff I used to get in London in Cairo .very good international shops.
I know you love your hair ,you can still get your dark and lively ha ha.

Hi Im movning to Cairo soon for Work.  How's the work environment for black ppl? Is there more focus on personal fit or do they prefer education and work experience?

Don't worry there's not any thing like that.
Here in Egypt we are the same even if your skin's color is purple no problem.
Go everywhere you want . Go to any hairstyles you want. Anywhere.
Welcome in Egypt.

No problem man ... it's a friendly country

good to hear that: ))

Well am a black American living in cairo but i just cant tell or know how Egyptians work tbh they are a bit complex i used to study in cairo at the AUC in 2015 till I literally had to move back to Hollywood n do my college from there the whole 2 years i lived in cairo i just failed to make friends Egyptians are not so open to knowing new people......

Dude am from LA I studied here for a short while n moved back to LA but am back cause my mum got posted here so if u wanna hang out just hit me up

Blackness- Egyptians are racist, they don't think they are but it's true. Its less institutional and a lot more personal /blatant. They just be on that whole white denial *****.

Americanness- Its a give and take, some people are cool, but for others (majority) once they find out your American they will try their hardest to get over and milk the *** out of you because they think you got money.

Learning the language will save you a lot of time and money.  And yes it's true - there exists a stereotype that Westerners are idiots with money.

As far as the people i know none is racist. Fact we are very hospitable and tend to help foreigners.
Have a lovrly stay

As Latino you will blend in until they realize your a foreigner.

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