Hard Drive Repair/Recovery Jeddah

Hi all, I will be arriving in Jeddah in April and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good repair service for a 250GB external hard drive. If it cannot be repaired than I would like to find a place that can reliably recover the data on the drive for me. Alternatively, if you know of any places to avoid that would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance! Mike

Hi mtwilson
Sorry for late
i just see ur post now

give me more info about ur hdd case
i can help ISA


If you are in Jeddah, There is a souk in Jeddah called souk Alshamal. It is located on Heraa st intersection with Alamadina rd. Innfront of Heraa International souk. The Souk is full of geeks who can fix all this kind of issues rifgt away in very cheap prices.

there r computer shops in city center, in Madinah road, and i could recommend some one if u still lookin

My external hard drive just failed, looking for a place to have it opened up, any suggestions?

We went to Xtra when ours went down in August.

thanks, any extra or any branch you recommend?

We went to the one by Sultan Mall/Iceland. First time I had gone into one so no preference.

I went today to Extra, one on Medina road, no luck they didn't have the tools to open it.
Maybe i'll try the one on Sultan Mall/Iceland, i just hope they know what they doing, it's a 2 TB hard drive.

There is one store specially for hard drives recovery in computer market at palestine street intersecting with arbaeen street.

Thanks, can you send me coordinates please? … 9731?hl=en

Check for Tag of "Computer City"


Thanks, can you send me coordinates please?

If you have visited that palace or any place for repair, then share your experience so that by your information  it will be helpfull for others.

Hi all,

If you anyone of you have had recently repaired your hard disk, do share the details and experience.

I've got 3 hard disks which are either corrupt or not reading.

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