Retirement Village in the Algarve with surveillance care support.

Hi everyone. Please allow me to introduce myself. Eleven years ago I set up a web based business associated with retirement housing for the over 55's mainly in Spain. The business is now run by my wife although I still have some input in a purely advisory capacity.

Since my recent cancer scare, (and I praise God for my recovery) it has made me take more of an active role and inspired me into looking in a new direction, that of providing home services that some of the over 55's might consider or indeed need rather than thinking of purchasing a property on a purpose built retirement development.

I have always had a passion for Portugal, and we have the opportunity to set up a retirement village in Southern Algarve where people could actually stay in their own homes, in familiar surroundings where there are already in place, all the necessary amenities etc.

What I would like to know is, would there be anyone interested enough to pledge their support for this kind of enterprise. There are certain grants available for the project which I would like to pass on these benefits to those interested in order to keep the costs of purchase of a unit and the services down to an affordable level. This project would certainly keep my mind off what I am experiencing at the moment.

Your comments would be welcomed as long as they are constructive.

I am running a venture capital firm in the UK and presently investing in Lisbon in a chain supermarket. I am interested about your project and would like to know in details about it. Many thanks.

Thank you Phillip008 for your interest although I am somewhat dubious to your motives after looking through your posts. You are either looking for friends in Lisbon, offering jobs in Lisbon, offering English lessons to mention a few posts.

You say you are new to Portugal and yet you say you are in Manchester. It is all a little confusing and as we are looking for serious people, perhaps if we could get to know you more and your business line, we would then be more comfortable to discuss the mater further.

You can always email us on kei(at) Thankyou.

Hi, retirement455, thanks for your reply, for your kind information Lisbon is my second home now but I am from Manchester because of business reason i need to visit both places. I have posted add for different reason for example to teach language for my local staff here or to know about Lisbon. I have huge investment like the retirement house like you running because of person reason i will carry this out but not with a rude person from Coventry.

Well Phillip, your comments astound me. How you can call me a rude person from Coventry is somewhat baffling. I was merely trying to gain comments on the feasibility of this project but your comment needed some further clarification which I invited you to disclose with a direct email to me.

Its obvious from your reply that any further negotiation with you on the subject is not worth pursuing.

Thank you for your initial interest.

I would like to add for those interested, that as the project is already directed towards an existing village which has become somewhat abandoned, although still housing the main amenities, there are a number of properties which when acquired and converted, will be available for purchase and possible rent.

There will be a central building where assisted living will be available and which will house several facilities and other amenities, surrounded with landscaped garden area.

The accommodation which will be made up of houses and apartments and situated within a radius of around 300 meters will be equipped with sensors and other technology which will be monitored from the central building, allowing the residents full independence.

Do you have indoor swimming pool and a coupon for free bus ride in Algarve if someone lives in your retirement village. The reality is why are you posing adv one by one here ? I can see you are crying a lot.  Can you not stop because  i cant see any hope so far for you here. Can you not try in the open market on this Sunday.

Hello Robinsimon. Thank you for your input, I appreciate any feed back, however Im a little baffled by your comments. Are you saying Im in the wrong section?

The whole point of what I have put in my posts is purely to give people an insight into what the retirement is going to look like. Im sure there will be a swimming pool and I guess as the village is directed towards retirees, a bus pass is normal anyway! I am in no way trying to get free advertising.

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Hi dean. Although I appreciate your comments, I did not set up the thread on the forum to present the project as an advert but purely to get feedback and let people know what the possibilities were. I would be very happy to add my business to the directory, but after looking through the categories however, I notice that there is nothing that resembles retirement, retirement housing or care facilities so can I suggest if its at all possible to include a retirement housing and care category of some description after which I will be happy to include our services which I'm sure will be an asset to the

I look forward to hearing from you.

Well, as my last message indicated, I was waiting for Dean to reply. As he didnt, maybe the support is lacking, and thats why nothing has been posted since.

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