learning Spanish in Saigon

Are there any nice places in Saigon can learn Spanish?
small groups preferred, little bit free learning environment, not those trainning centers.

there are few classes of Spanish at Đại Học Xã Hội Và Nhân Văn, i think

I m spanish teacher here in Saigon. I work by myself and also in one language center and in french school as well.

You can contact with Tuan. He organize a spanish course for beguinners and i will be the teacher. We have a previous meeting next saturday for discuss details about our class. Small gruop, maximo 6 7 students and reasonable fee.

If you would be interested feel fre for call me

Hello Angel, I am interested.
Can you tell me in which location exactly that you are running the course?
And what is timetable for the course? because i have to work from Mon to Sat, only free on Sun.

Well we will discuss all details friday 28 as we have a meeting.
Please, feel free for call me and i ll give to you all details about it.

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Hi Angel,

I am looking for an Spainish teacher at my house in district 11 for myself. I am woman, 32years old. Class will be 2 days per week on Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday.



Hi Thao,

This thread has been inactive since 2013, i suggest you drop a "looking for' advert in the Language classes in Saigon section of the website so that you may be contacted.

I am closing this old thread.

All the best,

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