Looking for a job

my name is Julien i am 32 and i search a job of salesperson to hong kong.
Who can help me to find a opportunity ?

Hello Julien.

Have you tried to post an advert in the Jobs in Hong Kong section? :)

Articles -> Work/Labor market in China.

Thank you,

Bonjour Ju(lien?)

Do you speak Cantonese? Have you submitted your CV to the Chamber of Commerce?

@ mars2012hk > Just to inform you that this member didn't showed up on Expat.com since june 2013, so unfortunately you might not receive a response.

Have a nice day

Priscilla :)

Oh you're right... That's weird. I answered because the topic showed as one of the "latest"... How is that?

Probably a bug. If it happens again, we'll investigate.

thanks !

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