To bring the car to Istanbul

Im moving to Istanbul in august and i wanted to take my car with me.
I've read that it is not posible to be more than 3 months in Turkey for a forenian car. In other websites I read that the maximun period of time is 6 months. I would like to know if any of you has been in the same situation and what did you do.. if you can drive every 3 or 6 months out of Turkey and get back for other 3 or 6 months.

thank you for your help!

Hello! As I see no one answered you( did you found out this information? Because now I have the same problem.. No one can exactly explain me how long I can stay in turkey with my car, which I will bring from abroad.  Will very pleasant for ur answer.


Maybe best to see if you can contact the customs and immigration authorities about this.

Any News concerning this Topic? I also would like to bring an older car. My idea is the following:
-Import the car and pay the import tax -> how is the tax calculated? (Car more than 10 years old)
-Register the car with a local number plate  -> costs?
-Sell the car in Turkey after my stay or maybe scrap it if I cant find a buyer
Is this possible? Also could not find any clear answer in the net. Most People want to avoid taxes somehow.

Hi folks,

I noticed this query has still been unanswered.

I have tried to answer here to the best of my knowledge.. … 36#2836145

Hopefully it's still helpful for you or in case someone looks for an answer in future.

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to leave an update on this topic as per the latest regulations on it,

Please note that the only person who is able to bring a car from a different country is the vehicle's registered legal owner, he/she should be the driver,

If you d like to appoint someone else to bring it on your behalf, you need a warrant of attorney approved by a number of official departments like notary, FIA, AIT etc. I may try to reach out to all details online if needs be,   

If registered owner is bringing the car which is the 1st case, these seem to be the main requirements;

* proof of ownership,
* car's insurance policy which must be valid in Turkey,
* official ID and passport,
* retirement document translated to Turkish by a sworn translator and approved by the consulate general(for retirees only)
* for tourists who are in Turkey for the purpose of work, work permit obtained from Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Republic of Turkey. If you are a blue card holder, you must obtain a document(from social security institution a.k.a SGK in Turkish) showing that all your premiums are being paid without any problem
* for students, a valid student certificate must be obtained from their in-country school officials.

Please note that the total duration with a car with foreign plate can be up to 24 months(730 days) at the moment,

After 24 months like this, it is no longer possible to drive it in Turkey without staying in a different country as a domiciled real person for 185 days. However, it is ok for you to get in or out of the country if you dont have the car with you.

Hope this helps now,

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