Filipino Community in Sudan

Hey there! just new in this Forum. Would like to know if there is any Filipino Community here.

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum  simplyme_loidz !

A little introduction maybe?
It might help.


@ simplyme_loidz - You're asking if there's a Filipino in Sudan, However, are you currently in Bahrain and is your post correct?

If you are looking for Filipino community in Sudan, this link may help you.

Good luck, :)

Jaz ;)

hello @jazzy851 and @armand, thank you for the assistance :):). yes am now in Bahrain, will be relocating to Sudan by October or November this year. I dont have much ideas about Sudan and ill be travelling alone, so am trying to check if there is Filipino Club/group in Sudan. Hope you guys can help me.

Thank you.


I'm Migs.. I have mini store for Filipino stuff here in Khartoum, Sudan... you can email me at migs_pinoy[at]

Yes, there is Filipino community worries.

Welcome to Sudan..


Hello guys, kumusta kayo dyan sa sudan?see you soon...alam ko maraming pinoy rin dyan...god bless us all!!!

Hello Aquariuos08.

As this is an english speaking forum, it would be better if you post your message english so that the other members can understand what you're saying.


Karen :)

Hundreds in Kinanah... 40 in While Nile sugar including me. Email me at xxx

Hi I'm planning to go to Sudan in few days .I'm Filipino hope may kababayan po ako para po someone can help me for information and safety purposes po.

Hello po

hello,there are group of filipino in sudan di nga lang sing dami ng mga nasa GCC

Yes, we have Filipino community here in Sudan. Kunti nga lang.. am currently working here at khartoum international airport. Khartoum is very safe and vegies and meats are always fresh..

Welcome to Sudan!


Hello nice to know may kababayan jan.sana po mameet ko po kayo jan.Salamat God bless us all.

Hi everyone,

@ Kryshynpril, please post only in english as per the forum rules.

All the best,

I apologize ,okay it will be English.thanks

Thanks po for the information.I'm here already last Sunday.

Welcome to Sudan.. anong company ka? You are welcome to visit us at home, me and my partner will be happy to receive you.. we are staying in arkaweet.,

Private family therapist po ,yes I will during my rest day.I'm near the UN office not sure what the address exactly

hello ms.kryshynpril may mga domestic helper din bah jan sa sudan thank you

I am a doctor from Saudi Arabia I came occasionally to Sudan and I am looking for phillipino friend because I love phillipino

I am a doctor from Saudi Arabia I came occasionally to Sudan and I am looking for phillipino friend because I love phillipino


hello po ask lng po ng question ok nman po pa sa sudan ksi po papunta po kmi ng friend ko jan para po magwork ..salamt

Khartoum is safe.filipino community here are small unlike in gcc.there are only two small mall afra and al waha.

Hi everyone,

Please stick to the rules while posting. You are allowed to write only in english on the anglophone forum (so that members understand you fully, we are on a public forum).

You may however exchange in any language in private message.

Thank you all for your comprehension,

okay thank you so much

Jaz there's something abnormal right

Hi To My Fellow Filipino, I almost stayed for 2 weeks here Khartoum. This is my first-time work abroad. I'm still adjusting regarding everything.

Welcome to khartoum bro...

Thank you bro.. :)

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