Looking for open and cool friends in Hamburg

Hi people,

I moved to Hamburg just about 3 months ago. I'm searching for new friends in the new city.

I'm 26 years old, originally from Shanghai, China. I came to Germany in 2008 due to marriage. I speak fluent English, Chinese and German. Now I live and work in Hamburg. I like to draw pictures, dance and go to metal concerts.

I don't care which nationalities you are, important is that you also want to make new friends. We can hang out on weekends. Females are preferred. :)

If you have Facebook we can keep in touch there as well, just search '' Luyi Wang(Lorsta)'' you will find me.

Best regards.

Hello Luyi Wang,

Welcome to :)

I am pretty sure you gonna make loads of contacts here! ;)

p.s. Why facebook? You can communicate and keep in touch here itself! ;)


Hi Luyi, i am Chris, i am living in Lüneburg, 30 min far from Hamburg.
Maybe you can help me. I wanna sell to good new pregnancy books, written in Mandarin. I bought one month ago in Taiwan for my wife, but she don't need. Do you habe any idea / platform where i can sell ? Or maybe do you know a pregnat Girl/ woman here; who like to read better in Mandarin than in German, haha

best regards Chris

Hi Chris,

Welcome to expat-blog! ;)

It seems that Luyi Wang is looking for friends in Hamburg with whom she can hang around.

I recommend you discuss only about that.

However, for the book you want to sell, you can drop an advert in the Buy, sell, exchange books in Hamburg.

Thanks in advance,
Bhavna  :)

i am from also moved from sweden to hamburg i am also searching new friend ...

Hi Luiy,
I live in Hh since 2 years, but I'm always open to meet new people and make new friends, who knows. If you wanna have a coffee ine day, let me know.


Actually I am new in this great city HAMBURG and I study Germany  language , I am looking for friends they speak fluent Germany in Hamburg to drink a cup of coffee or to walk in the city.
  I am funny ,open mind , multi kulti and speak 3 languages  ,,,,,,  thanks.

I am new in this great city HAMBURG and I am working here , I am looking for friends they speak fluent English,Germany in Hamburg to drink a cup of coffee or to walk in the city.I am funny ,open mind . thanks.

Hey Luyi, how are you doing in Hamburg? I will be in Hamburg in the coming week staying in Wandsbek Markt area for a couple of days. If you are still interested in knowing new people I would be happy to arrange a meeting with you at any place and time that you choose.

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