Anyone in HCMC Wing Chun Training?


I studied traditional Wing Chun for many years, but am getting rusty as I have no one to train with here in hcmc d7.

I was wondering if there was anyone out there with a similar predicament, if you'd like to meet up for some regular training.

Or, perhaps you'd like to learn Wing Chun.

If yes to either of those, please drop me a line


I've heard of Wing Chun and would be really interested too, i have Kyokushin Kan background. If you can train or found someone please let me know and i'd definitely like to join.

i in d7
u bro?


I like to learn wing chun. I watch you tube and learn by myself sometimes ago. it will be great if could practice with some expert like you.

I am new to Saigon and residing at Sky Garden. hope to see you soon.


Dear all Wing Chun lovers,

Great to see people who have strong passion in martial arts! As you can see on my profile, I also practise Wing Chun, from Nguyen Te Cong/ Yuen Chai Wan lineage.

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Just checking if you are still here? I'm now living in district 7 and am in the same situation. If so PM me please :-)

Also a wing chun brother , all be it way too infrequently... And also in D7, Phu My Hung. Has anyone set up a meet for this group yet?

Hello, my name is Lam, a Wing Chun practitioner.

Let's meet up to share our interests.


Nice to meet you!

I am currently a Strategic Planner at an Advertising company. What about you?



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Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Sport partners in Ho Chi Minh City of the website by dropping an advert as you are looking for members to practice with.

It will be more appropriate.

All the best,

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