Wanna work in scotland

Hi there, myself yaseen ahmed, software developer in a small scale industry in Hyderabad,AP,India.I have 18 months of experience in web development and also in JAVA so i wish to work in scotland.Guys please help me with this:

1) Will i get a job for 18 months of experience?
2) If i get then will the company gives me accommodation?
3) Will i survive in the offered salary?
4) How much will be offered?
5) Is scotland safe for muslims?

Sorry but i need to think in all ways so i request you to please help me out of this and any advice/suggestion would be appreciated.Thank you.

1) Will i get a job for 18 months of experience?

Hardly. In the UK what is more important is the experience and references from companies within the UK. You will need to start working in low qualification jobs until you can build up one or two good references.

2) If i get then will the company gives me accommodation?

Unlikely. Sometimes, arrangements are made for a month or so to help with the moving.

3) Will i survive in the offered salary?

You should, but may be tight.

4) How much will be offered?

No idea, mate. Depends on your exprience, but expect less than in England.

5) Is scotland safe for muslims?

What do you reckon?

Also, you will need to sort a work visa before coming here.

Thank you very much emarinuk. Can u tell me for how much experience should i have to get a better job in scotland so that i can survive with no problem.But still do you think scotland is a better option for me to work or can u advice me any other country that fits for my experience and pay me well.Thank you.

Sorry to be blunt.
Irrespective of how much experience you have you still need to get a visa. I think you will find that you will not qualify for a visa with little experience.

With your lack of work experience and the fact that whatever country you try to get into, you will always need a visa.

Unemployment is high in many countries so any work is given to locals first.

You need to pick say 3 countries which interest you, then go onto their immigration website to see what visa you can get.

Here in Australia and in NZ you can get a working holiday visa, depending on age, which allows you to take up seasonal work like fruit picking etc.

Thank you very much sir for your suggestion. I found the type of visa i may get its under tier 2 points assessment visa.So i keep fingers cross.

Can anyone tell me about the unemployment rate in Scotland now? Can a non-UK work in Scotland?

New laws have made it extremely difficult to get work visas to life in the U.K.
The easiest way is to obtain either a Student or Entrepreneurs Visa,for the latter you need to become a Director in a British Company and invest shares in the Company, Our Company does sponsor these Visa applicants but it does require substantial Capital investment.

What work? Will you sponsor Fililipina?

Have you tried outbounders.com or Guru.com  These company's take on remote workers. The Entrepreneurs Visa is only available to those who have £200,000 to invest in a U.K that accepts them as a Director. Thats a lot of money.

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