Best Schools in Accra

I am relocating to Ghana and will really like to know: What are the best schools in Ghana.  Top 5 will do.

Ghana International School
Lincoln International School
British International School
American International School
Vine Christian School

Would also like some info about schools.
Why these five? I have not heard much about British International School, what makes it a good school?

I think that Ghana Int'l & Lincoln are the best two by far.

Then there is Roman Ridge School, Galaxy and SOS, which are also supposed to be good.

One of my concerns when choosing a school was that I absolutely did not want anything to do with religion...for personal reasons and British, American Int'l Schools and Roman Ridge all had some kind of daily morning devotions.

We are handing in applications to Galaxy. We spoke to a man here in Sweden who´s son went to their Sec school. He said that they are making an extra effort since they are quite new on the market. When he got back to Sweden he was far ahead of his class mates.

I was in contact with the American Intl School. We were willing to negotiate their religious connection since it seemed to be quite moderate. One day we drove by and saw some VERY religious wall paintings and we decided to go for Galaxy which is a secular school.

I think it is important that the school has a certified international programme so that the standard can be guaranteed and that the students can be admitted to universities outside Ghana.

Also, Tema Int is a very good school.  Roman Ridge is not so good anymore and between this and Ghana Int, I would go for Ghana Int. More established, focused and prestigious. Good luck.

All the usual schools mentioned are good academically although I have a problem with discipline at Ghana Int. My kids went to East Airport Int when I was in Ghana a few years ago and I found them quite good.

Hello, im a student at Ghana int school, and its a really good school it is internationally recognized, and the Education is very good. If you dont want your child to come there i will suggest either Lincoln Community School or Ecole Francais (french speaking school) Merci J'espère j'aidé

212100 :

I am relocating to Ghana and will really like to know: What are the best schools in Ghana.  Top 5 will do.

it depends of which kind of study you want to do  let me know

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212100 :

I am relocating to Ghana and will really like to know: What are the best schools in Ghana.  Top 5 will do.

it depends of which kind of study you want to do  let me know

In Galaxy International School your child will pick up a very localised English Accent which is far n not legible to the European way of speaking English

transport and fees for the school i want to know

Which school do you want to know about?

fees range from $ 500 p.m. to $ 2000 p.m. Whats your budget ?

Try the German School as well. They have a bilingual curriculum and kids also learn german.

Hello, I have got 2 kids, actually at LPS in Lagos (english curriculum) for 8 years. We may be relocated to Accra next year. Please advice which school may match our expectations. Regards. Thank you.

It doesn't just depend on your expectations, but also on your budget and your location. If you look on you will see a comprehensive list of the schools and their location.

Thanks for your reply. The school will be paid by our company and we will live in airport residential.

Then if you want an English curriculum you will need to look at Ghana International School or there is the British International School in East Legon. Both are accessible from Airport Residential.

What do you think about GIS et BIS ? Coming from the english course, will it be tough for them to join the American system ? We are French. Thanks.

If you want a French school there is one in East Legon which is accessible from Airport Residential. I have no personal experience of either of the schools so hopefully someone who has children there might give you their opinions.

world - it's a small village

the top 3 are certainly Lincon -LCS, Roman Ridge and GIS (Ghana Intl). there are other schools also - like DPS (Delhi Public), but the men in that school working are often so frustrated, (maybe because of low pay), that they very often keep dishing out expletives to take out their frustration !

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Hello, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the expat community.
my husband and I and the kids have recently (July 2013) relocated to Accra-Ghana from Houston, TX. We started an early childhood development center off Spintex Road, Harvest Christian Academy, - We are very interested in connecting with the expat community and also to present an option in American Schools along the Spintex Road corridor.

American School Opens in Accra

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I invite you to register your school in the appropriate section > Accra business directory.

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will do.

Tx Betty: Is your website under construction? I tried to logon, but it's blank. I am looking for a christian school for my 3 year old soon to be 4 daughter. In Achimota near Legon Rd.

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Hi I want to ask about the britsh int school in east lagon is it good I have 3 kids 7,9,11 years old what is the level of the school and if there is better

pls how much is the fees for ecole francaise & lincoln int, my son will be 10 in Nov & I will like to know some shools with boarding facilities can any 1 pls  advise me?

These schools are day schools. You will have to find out which schools in Accra have boarding facilities. Look on for advice

ok thx hkann

Hi, off the top f my head, Galaxy International have boarding facilities. One of the better schools in Accra.

I think you should choose east airport international it is one of the best schools in Accra. Followed by vine Christian but not gis and bis because the children from that school are rude and snobbish and in galaxy there have been some drugs going on.

hi,we r soon shifting to accra,pl suggest which is best area to stay for expats from facility & safety point.How is Lincoln community school for grd 11 (IB DIPLOMA)? Do we get house girls & drivers easily & trustworthy? Thanx.

If you are considering Lincoln school there are some very good expat areas around it or you can also live in most other expat areas although the traffic can sometimes be heavy. I suggest you look on as that will give you information about areas to live and it also has a real estate section which will give you some idea about available accommodation. With regard to staff you should look for people recommended by other expats. There is a section on accraexpat for staff or there are a couple of groups on facebook   for expats in Accra where you will also get help.

If you are a foreigner then you will have to consider British curriculum school or the national curriculum school. Choose the one you prefer then I will send the list of schools in that category. Kindly let me know also about the subjects and interest areas to be considered

Hi I live in America looking for a good boarding school in Ghana for my 11 years old son. He never travel out of America so I'm looking for something similar to school in the United States. Any advices please. Thanks

Boarding schools are not very common for primary school students in Ghana. The students here usually go to boarding school when they reach secondary level.
We got some information this week about a new school which is boarding and takes children between the ages of 10 and 16 and is based on the British system.
The website is but as I say it is new so have no recommendations

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