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Moving to Ruwais!

Hi all.

I am in the process of finalizing a move to Glenelg. so far I've learnt LOADS from this thread and I looking forward to moving there .

Any idea on how to apply in adnoc hospital like email or website.


@shotta_kh Did you ever make it out to Ruwais? I've been living here for the past 7mths. Will be great to have another trini out in the desert!!
Good luck.

Good day! I've read that you're working here in ruwais as a teacher. I'm a female teacher too in the philippines and i was just arrrived here  in ruwais for almost a month. My husband is already working in an oil company so we just move here. I'm planning to continue our profession here, but don't know where and how to start. Will you please give me some tips or suggestions so i can continue my passion in teaching. Thanks a lot!

Please advise update
I have job offer too
I fear it's too isolated & boring ??
Private message fine also
I like gym
But need social life too I'm from
From uk

I'm also moving there around September/October this year.
I will be working for Adnoc and just waiting for approvals. Would appreciate some updates and would be very glad to have a few friends anytime soon.

Thank you.


I should be there at similar timescale
Be nice to catch up &
See how we settle in ?!


I'm fire officer from uk

Hi @Paulo673,

Yeah sure. Would appreciate to know and have some friends as the way I see this it, this job assignment would be more a psychological challenge for me- survival in the middle of nowhere.. I heard there is not much going on in there but would appreciate if they update this thread with latest info.



On pm me ?
You've hit the Nail in the head as they are exactly my concerns !!!![at]

Hi Agnes and Paulo,

I have been living in Ruwais since Jan 2015, I looked at this thread when I was planning to move as well. I know that any information will be helpful for your move.

You are both right, Ruwais is remote, but many people live there, you make the most of it!
There's one mall, but it has everything you'll need, the necessities (groceries, pharmacies, restaurants). The Danat hotel is a short drive from Ruwais housing complex, there's a beach there you can relax at after work, a great gym, a bar, restaurants etc.
in the Ruwais housing complex there are just a few things, if you work for adnoc you have access to the gym there which is also great!
You make it work, you fall into a routine, you hang out with your co workers etc. It really isn't as bad as people make it sound. When you need a change or some more excitement Abu Dhabi and Dubai are only a drive away.
I usually go every other weekend for a change. I personally have never lived in a small town, I'm a big city person, I was very skeptical about moving to Ruwais, but I actually really enjoy it! Plus you save a lot more money out here because there isn't much to spend money on!
Hope this answers some questions!! If I can help with anything else, just send me a message. Hopefully more people reply, if not, I'll try to answer your questions!

Hi @ZanaR19,

Thank you so much. I find relief to hear from someone really living there and telling me current info.

I guess I will get used to the work routine. And would really be happy to know a few friends to hang out with after work. I am used to living in cities and quite a friendly and sociable person. I would definitely do the same for weekends to try get to AD or Dubai.

By the way, are there taxis in Ruwais? I'm asking because it might take some time before I can get my driving license and car. I know there are buses every 30min but sometimes we need to go some place else beyond the bus schedules.

Where can we possibly buy furnitures? I need to know for purposes of my move.

Thank you and looking forward to see you soon in Ruwais!


There are taxis in Ruwais, private taxis as well, I have a few numbers I can pass on once in Ruwais. Before I had a car if a co worker was heading to the city for the weekend, I got a ride with them, people are very friendly, and if they can help you out, they will. We have all been in the position of just moving there once.

Furniture shopping is a pain, you can only do that in AD or Dubai! Most people go with ikea or homecentre and they both deliver within a week to Ruwais. All home appliances you can easily get in Ruwais.

Good luck with your move!

Thank you so much @ZanaR19!
I'm getting excited for my move and I hope all the approvals via Adnoc get approved and done as scheduled so I can already start with moving.
I hope I can personally thank you as soon as I'm there. :)
Godbless a good soul like you for being helpful and informative!

Agreed thanks for info
Hopefully get uz a drink sometime

Planning to move to ADNOC Hospital Ruwais in a few months once the deal is thru. I have a bachelor accommodation in Ruwais housing by ADNOC, just wanted to know how the accommodation is? and if I can keep a my small dog there.


Hello all,

I am moving to Ruwais within the next few days.  I shall be teaching there. Please could you give me some info on what the apartments are like (ADNOC)? I want to know if I should be planning to pack any extras or not...when they say furnished, does that include linen?

If you are moving to ruwais to teach with ADNOC then the apartment is empty. You do get a furniture allowance tho.

Check out your contract particulars to be sure

Thanks Shotta_kh...

How far is it to the beach from the housing complex? Can you walk there?

its close maybe a 10 or 15 min drive which isnt to bad

Hi. I will be arriving in Ruwais in a few days. Would love to have friends. Yes, there is a furniture allowance provided for Adnoc employees as I will also be working under that company. The apartments are empty but basic things can be purchased, I believe in the mall within the housing complex. The rest will be sourced from Abu Dhabi.

Hi Warlie, are you at Ruwais or Gayathi campus?

Hi, I'm moving to ruwais in a month. looking for accomodation. I'll be working for a project in the refinery there for next six months. Not an employee of ADNOC. looking for a rental room for stay and transport to refinery site. Heard no private accomodation is available in the residential complex. Can someone help me in this.

Hi Alex,

Are you still teaching in Ruwais? I just relocated here, as my husband is teaching. I'm trying to figure out the lay of the land so to speak. Planning to drop by the ladies club tomorrow and make a trip to the mall. I was wondering of there were any ladies meet ups for coffee or things like that.



Is it compulsory for women to wear hijab or purdah in Ruwais?

No but loose clothing or an abaya is first anyway.

Thank you, Korbie82. So, even though the hijab (head scarf) is not compulsary, the abaya  is necessary. Am I right? Does it have to be necessarily black in colour? Do Indians wear their traditional churidar in Ruwais?

Neither the abaya nor the head scarf are not compulsory. In Ruwais people wear whatever they want so long as it is not tight fitting. This advise is for your everyday clothing...if you are working they may have different rules.

Thank you very much, korbie82

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