Moving to Ruwais!

Hello all!

I'm a single American female moving to Ruwais to teach in August. I noticed that there isn't too much about the city on here--anyone have any information? Any insight about living there helps!


Are you going to work for a private school or ADEC?

It'll be private, ISC

I'm looking at working for the public schools and Ruwais is one of a couple of possibilities. I'm sure you've found everything I have on Ruwais; like you said there is not much information. I'll be watching to see if anyone gives us some insight.

Dont worry Ruwais is close to Abu Dhabi city so you can be in abu dhabi city for everything. Just get your DL asap when u come here

I've been teaching in Ruwais for the past 3 years and it's not close to Abu Dhabi city. It's 2hours away from Abu Dhabi. It's a booming little town and the people there are very nice. There is a mall being built so there will be more entertainment options. As it stands the closest mall is about 45min to an hour away in Madinat Zayed. If you have any specific questions I'll do my best to answer.

hello my lady pls i need ur advice, i m planning to relocate to dubai,one angent collected money from me that he will help me to get two years employnment visa,, i want to ask is it possible to get two years employment visa?because it up to a month bt no possitive feedback from the agent..i m scared

adasphilips :

hello my lady pls i need ur advice, i m planning to relocate to dubai,one angent collected money from me that he will help me to get two years employnment visa,, i want to ask is it possible to get two years employment visa?because it up to a month bt no possitive feedback from the agent..i m scared

Be careful. Folks collecting money from you to look for 2-year work visa smell of trouble. Either they find you a hell-hole task/job or you are being deceived. Keep praying hard for positive news but do not send more money if requested. Find a real and registered agency and, with that, you always have to know that your options will be limited, again depending on age, experience, and filed of work.

Good luck!

Hi Alex,
Ruwais is a very quiet, laid back city.  It is a 3 hour drive out of Abu Dhabi city. It's a long boring drive out to Ruwais, and one would consider it the boondocks.  Due to the expansion of the Oil Refinery the place is bustling with a lot of labor.  It's rare to find Europeons or Americans in Ruwais, and sorry to be blunt but you're gonna be bored stiff in your free time. The place is pretty safe as there is curfew for the Asian labour force. Women get a lot of respect, but at the same time one has to be careful. The lifestyle would be luxurious and comfortable, but as I said...boring and lonely.  You'd be lucky if you find a nice group among your fellow teaching staff.  If you do then there is stuff to do as they have a Ladies club nearly everywhere in the UAE. 

I'm guessing you're gonna be teaching the local Arabs. 

Wish you well.

alexh13 :

Hello all!

I'm a single American female moving to Ruwais to teach in August. I noticed that there isn't too much about the city on here--anyone have any information? Any insight about living there helps!


Hi There!!

Ruwais brings in a lot of memories!!

I used to be there when I was a kid. It is a small township with predominantly ADNOC employees staying there.

The city is a lot different from what I used to know.
From what i felt with my last visit bachelor population have increased drastically.

About the city, there are a couple of parks, 3 to 4 major shopping areas, mostly groceries and necessities. You wouldn't find renowned brands there. Emirates Gulf is the most popular super markets. A new hyper mall was supposed to be open. With that coming in there will be a lot of brands in Ruwais.

One thing good about Ruwais is the parks they have. There are basically family parks, ladies park and general park. For recreation there is one massive recreation centre to take care of all needs from swimming pool to tennis courts to balling alley. So that's really a good place.

Fine dining is something you wouldn't find in Ruwais. Recreation has some options but not a up to the mark.

Security wise I believe it is a very peaceful place will hardly any crimes.

I have tried to put down points that as they came about. Hopefully it was of help to you. Feel free to contact if you have any additional query.


Thanks for the info, all! Getting more excited as the date approaches :)

Hello all,

I am a South african male and soon to come to Abu Dhabi to work in one of the refineries. Is the a anyone who curremtly works there who can give me some info about the company and the work environment.

Hi Moitheri Jr,

Do you have any informations that might be useful to share about Ruwais or any insights please ?

Thank you

Expat-blog Team


I've been living here for abt a year now as my hubby works here. Just to correct a point made by Seahorse, I think u mean tht the curfew is for contractors tht work here. There is definitely NO curfew for any resident here being Asian or Caucasian. Everyone is allowed free reign of their time. Live here is very quiet honestly, I'm from Malaysia but we were previously living in Singapore whereby the city is constantly on the go n fast paced so yes it's very very quiet here. But then again u can run off to Abu Dhabi (2hrs) or Dubai (3-4hrs) to get ur fill of the city. Most ppl here are friendly. So community wise u shld b pretty comfy. U can go to the ladies club or even the Adnoc beach (10 mins drive) for recreation. Everyone is waiting for the new mall to b up as well so tht would b a nice addition. Hope u will enjoy it here. 

Oh just to add, ISC is a private sch n is attended mostly by foreigners. There is a public sch here for the locals. Anyway the locals r friendly too, like everyone else there r ur good n not so fantastic counterparts, don't b deterred by what others tell u abt the locals, we have met locals tht r very friendly n accommodating.

Do I need to rent a car if I live Ruwais?

You dont actually require rent a car in Ruwais. But having said that having a car will help your commute a lot easier.

Hi AlexH!:) I guess you already saw Ruwais by now.  It depends on your personality if you will like living in Ruwais or not.  If you enjoy life on busy crowded streets, well maybe Ruwais you can say is Fair ranking. But if you like a quite life with good friends & neighbors, this is the place for you. I've been here for more than 12yrs. Any way Abu Dhabi travel is just one full movie time.:D

Hi Fifouu :) If you are used to Dubai life, you can say Ruwais is different kind of living. Yes there are small buses going around Ruwais and they are free. Time will come youll meet good freinds in Ruwais. Dont be afraid. I was also in the beginning. Its always like that at the beginning.  :top:

ruwais is qiut place its litt bit for from abudhabi but nice placs

hey guys, My wife and I are both moving to Ruwais next August Probably. She is thinking about accepting a job there, and I am actually looking for some sort of vacancies there. So I would like to to ask about the possibility of me finding a job there?, I guess I will be interested in oil & gas, but I don't have an experience at this industry.any advice?

Hi Mohamed kotbaki,

Welcome to :)

For better orientation, can you please tell us more about your qualifications, experience and skills?

Thank you,


Thank you so much. Been working in a hospitality business for over 7 years, managing some restaurants, but I was thinking about oil & gas industry as we moving to the richest place for this field, I will be looking for for something I am interested in and makes good money at the same time .

Hi all,

This post is fairly old, are there any updates or info about Ruwais? I will be relocating in August.


Hi Tia!

I had posted this topic, and now after living in Ruwais for almost a year, I can offer my own reply.

Ruwais is a smaller rural outpost of the Western Region, but by far one of the more developed and it's still growing. The entire housing complex is owned by ADNOC, and has most of what you would hope for to get by decently during the week (weekend trips to AD or Dubai are recommended). There is a hospital, post office, bank, grocery stores, eateries/restaurants, several schools (both public & private), a gym, a ladies' gym, a park, and even a mall now! There's a nearby public beach as well as two hotels with nicer restaurants and other dining options, and bars. AD is a 3.5hr bus ride away, and there are buses that operate on the half-hour going to AD (there are also buses that go to and from the airport, thought less frequently). As for getting around in Ruwais, a lot of people have cars, but you can rely on the local bus service that makes stops around town on the hour.

That's all I can think of now off the top of my head, but if you have any specific questions, I'll try to answer them!


Thanks Alex,

I will be teaching at Glenelg. One of my major concerns is lifestyle. Being a small community....I wonder how one gets by in terms of being a teacher and still having a social life. Are teachers known to the community and watched like a hawk? Or do people get on with their lives without paying attention to the next person?
Accommodation...are they decent with air con fitted into rooms? Do you suggest bringing my own linen/beddings?
Clothing......what do you wear in the desert that keeps you cool while respecting the dress code for woman? Which I believe is no exposure of legs, v neck and shoulders/arm. do you go about meeting other expats?

Any useful tips on what to bring, what to avoid etc......

Once again thank you for your time to reply....much appreciated.

Hi Alex,
I'm surprised this post is still active and now you have the opportunity to advise others :)
I remember having replied to your post a little more than a year ago.  How are you doing?  Is Ruwais up to your expectations?  You seemed a bit apprehensive at the time and I hope I did not scare you with my views ;)

I remember having said Ruwais was quiet,  boring and laid back.  Well a lot has improved since you moved here.  I hear the new Mall is up and running though I haven't visited it as yet.

I hope you like the place and have settled in well.

Warm regards

hi alex
i am moving to ruwais in a couple of month, i will be working with a contracting company and i wounder if i can use this ADNOC facilities or is it exclusivly for ADNOC employees? can i rent a flat within the RHC?

Hi Moitheri Jr, where in South Africa are you from?

It's great to see this post. I'll be moving to ruwais within the next month to teach. I'm looking forward to the experience.
I heard great things about the adnoc housing, how are you guys finding it?

are you still in Ruwais Ms. Alex?  how do you like it and is there much to do?

Hello Alex,

I am an Engineer and I will move to Ruwais within 30days. I just want to ask whether it's possible to rent directly from ADNOC or not? and do they have villas or only apartments?

Appreciate your reply.



The closest place to get a apartment will be at ghayati which is not far from ruwais, but there is now a nice mall at the ruwais housing.

Thank you Pat so much

Hello Korbie. I will also move to Ruwais in near future. Will be teaching at an International School. I am just waiting on my police clearance. Did you have a long wait? How long did you wait for your clearance to come through?

Hi Akiva Did I read you correctly? Are you teaching at Glenelg? I have also signed a contract with Glenelg just waiting on my police clearance. How long did you have to wait for your clearance? How do you find life at the school and also in Ruwais?

hi guys i Am Walid i suffering before like you so i could help clearly any one need help send me message what his need i could guide him to shortcut

Hi Akiva,

I am thinking of applying for a teaching post at Glenelg.  I would really appreciate and comments on how it is to work for Glenelg and how living in Ruwais has been for you so far.

I would be moving with my wife and three children who will be ages 2,6,8 in August.  I have many questions and would really appreciate feedback from everyone who can provide it:

1. Do you know if there are play centrers for 2 year old children and are there any leisure facilities for women with crèche facilities? 
2. My 6 and 8 year old would be attending the school too. How is the quality of teaching at Glenelg?
3. How is the accommodation that the school provides, size, No of rooms, Proximity to school?
4. Do you know many couples there with three or more children? How do they find it?
5. Are there local activities for children and families?

Also, I would appreciate if anyone can comment on the above for Ghayathi and Madinat Zayed
Any other feedback/comments would be appreciated.


hellow alex,
don't worry life here is good
we have parks recreation center, hospital, one mall, cenima in mall,
the bad no discos or clubs only one club in resort fare from us 15 minutes by car. many american teachers in GHiling school you will not feel lonely.
company will give you housing but better if you rent outside and take your allowance. furniture troubles but we have solutions when you come we can give you contact for any thing that you need in ruwais to not feel suffering or lonely. finally, you are welcome alex in our city

Hi vishal,

I got an offer frm adnoc hospital n wil shortly be moving to per the offer letter i'l get a family accommodation only after completing the probationary period of 3 query is: does it take more than 3 months to get the family acco??

Any other info from u would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance


Are you a Dr?? I might be facing the same prob myself - am scheduled for an interview sooon...

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