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Marsascala - What's it like living there, good & bad points

The "unfinished" building was apparently the popular 5* Jerma Palace hotel, left to deteriorate when the troubles started in Lybia about 7 years ago. Another blot on the landscape!!

Thanks for the info, I've just wikied it and learn about the place. Is just mind-boggling how in 9 years a hotel can transform into a shell left to rot which seems could fall down anyday. How fragile is civilization!

Jerma Palace closed already in 2007, long before the Libya crises started.
As I have heard, M'scala did no longer receive EU funds as touristic area due to the landfill/waste recycling/water treatment plant, it was no longer profitable for the Corinthia group to run this house and so they focused on their hotels in Attard and St. Julians.
But still it's interesting to walk through the hotel and gat a nice view from the rooms at the top.

It looks as if you cannot receive EU funds, no business is profitable.... :( .

So you can actually go inside it without risk?

No one is supposed to enter the property but people do as can be seen from the graffiti and the people swimming !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is private property and the building is unsafe. Such a pity as  it occupies one of the best locations in M'skala and now the so called American University is going to be built opposite, on the northern approach to the harbour, at Zonqor.

Hey, this is Malta ... do what you want to do  :lol:
I suppose they have closed the property mainly for insurance reasons, so if something happens, it's your own risk.
2 years ago there were no big blocks in the entrance, and now the people made small steps on both sides of these blocks.
The rocky shore in front of Jerma is popular for fishing and swimming, In the evening you can sometimes see small fire places / BBQs in the former hotel rooms  :)

Agreed. Unfortunately most of the ground floor rooms are used to dump garbage - fetid and no doubt rat infested.

I lived in Marsascala for a year when I first moved out here - I'm in Zabbar now.  I love it there.  The only downside for me was the lack of a decent supermarket and a bakery.  This was knocking 7 years ago now that I moved away from there so maybe some things have changed.

I usually go there most weekends - the Lemon & Lime is a great place to watch the rugby if you're into that.  If I could have afforded to buy there, I would have.  Zabbar just pipped it for me because of the supermarket, 24 hour bakery, cheaper housing and hospital (you never know ;) )

But apart from that, it's probably one of my favourite villages in Malta.  Nice and quiet but still has a good night life.

I read in the Times recently that the owners have received a court order to demolish the Jerma.....

There'll be an auction in October, staring from 20 Mio Euro ... and PA has issued the order to demolish the existing building ... asap, I guess - whatever this means here  :)

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