We need you for our amateur football team? Let play when you are free.

Could I invite your friends play with my team at District Tan Binh ?

Thanks Real,

Please leave me your phone contact then i will tell my guys come to your pitch one day. We highly appreicated for your invitation and looking forward to see you there soon.


Hi Kev,
Playing football is my favourite, so i really wanna join you.
Would you let me know the detail of information.

kevhost, how many people normally attend ??

Hi Kev,
  Would you tell me the address of football yard as well as the yard number, so that i can reach you easier.

Hi Kev,

I've just arrived and would love to come and play.

Can you send me the details of the next game please?



I can be your cornerback. ;P

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my late response.

We normally start game at 8:30 pm to 10:00pm at Ky Hoa pitch, near 115 hospital. My phone no is ***
We were playing every Monday and Thursday night.
Let contact me when u wanna join. Thanks


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Hi Kevhost,

My name Hoang, i'm a vietnamese, Can i join in your football team? playing football is my hobby! and i wannna make new friends to relax after worktime.

haha i have known your phone number, but i speak english not well so i am not confident to call to you,

looking forward to hearing from you,

Nguyen Hoang

Hi everyone,

Does anyone still love to play football with us?
Are you professional or amateur players? Do not worry, we are amateur players, so you will be a star or somebody like us.

Let contact me for healthy sport game. Thanks


kevhost :

We are five persons in football team. We love football very much, so we hope to welcome many people from many places come here and play together. We sure that we are not professional players so we need you come and play with us as friends after work, after free. Currently we were playing twice a week, Monday night and Thursday night, we played 4 years. Sometimes we mixed foreigners and local player in our team.. we play for fun, we do not play to earn money, no fighting, no bet game. We accept foreigners to our team, let contact me then we add you to our football team. We had three teams and need more two persons each team. The game fee is pay 2 USD for one guy and a half hour playing and no credit card plz :).

Let join with us as crazy football guys and join in local community. We are waiting you as a special player from abroad.

We are a team, we are man... let us go.


Hi i am planning on moving to Ho Chi Min City in April  to live and work for maybe a year maybe more. I would love to play football regularly with a team. Are you guys still looking for players?

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