Calling the UK from Malta

Hi all,

My boyfriend is moving to Malta (I already live here) at the end of the month and as he works as a freelance writer, he needs a way to make cheap international calls from a landline.

Obviously in some cases he can use Skype but for business calls this won't always be an option.

Can anyone recommend a service or deal that will allow him to call the UK and occasionally the US without running up massive bills?


Hi Natalie

I have just moved here and have brought my UK plan with me from Vodafone called Euro Traveller, for GBP 3.00 a day BUT only on the days you use it, don't think they do one for the USA but check their website.



Hi Natalie,

My Mum, Dad and brother live in the UAE and I live in the Scotland so I use Planet Numbers.
It's 8-10p a minute.
Here is the link,

Hope this helps,

Live in Scotland**

Hi emccann22 - thanks a lot! Could you please PM me the link as I don't think the forum mods like ads - not sure if recommendations come under this category! Thanks!

Ooooh, how does that work? £3 a day for all calls sounds far too good to be true. if they are your provider back in the UK, don't know if the others do a similar idea. :)

from a landline to landline, 1021 from Maltacom/Go

even melita is only 3.5 c a minute

but as GnG said 1021 is a cheap option

I also use Melita and I have calls to landlines in Europe for about 3c/min.

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